A big fan of Oprah missed her favorite show Tuesday afternoon but it probably saved her life.

Angelique Fiorillo normally watches the queen of talk every afternoon in her apartment on Midland Avenue in Glenwood Springs. But now she's glad she wasn't watching the show in her usual chair after a coffee table-sized boulder crashed down from Red Mountain and into her living room during a rainstorm Tuesday afternoon.

It appears that the large rock bounced down the mountain, barreled through two walls in the corner of her second-floor living room -- the same corner where she sits to watch Oprah -- then landed in the grass lawn outside, leaving a crater before rolling several more feet to a stop, according to the Vail Daily.

The boulder left a large trail of debris indoors and out. Fiorillo said she was in a neighbor's apartment when the rock thundered down the mountain and through her apartment. She said she and her neighbor both felt the building shake, and at first thought it was an explosion or a gunshot.