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    MO - Kansas City, BlkFem Skeletal UP14949, 25-32, near Blue River, Apr'16


    About 90 percent of a skeleton was found by a mushroom hunter near I-435 and Truman Road in east KCMO. This is near the Blue River:


    No age, gender, etc as of yet.

    NOTE: If the above article generates an image of a necklace near the bottom of the page, that image is actually related to a separate UID case in Kansas City, KS, the previous day.
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    Authorities need help identifying woman’s remains found last April in KC

    The remains were found April 5, 2016 in the 8600 block of East Truman Road in Kansas City. They are believed to be that of an African-American woman, approximately 25- to 32-years-old and approximately 5-foot-6 to 5-foot-9.

    Jackson County sheriff’s deputies released Friday a clay reconstruction of what the woman may have looked like at the time of her death.

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    April Pickens?

    29 yo mother of 5 missing from Asheville, NC since December 2011 after meeting an unknown male friend. She is a couple inches shorter than the range given for our UID and Asheville, NC is a long distance from KCMO, but I will post her here anyways. April has fingerprints and DNA available.The reconstruction has very close-set eyes.



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    Could this be Tova Jaileau Barnett


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    Quote Originally Posted by Gardener1850 View Post
    Authorities need help identifying woman’s remains found last April in KC

    "Please note - The hair length and style are the artist's interpretation and the victim's true length and style may have been different," the sheriff's office said.


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