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    Australia - Sandor Cikos, murdered family 1999, released from prison

    NSW man who killed wife and sons expected to walk free on parole

    Sandor Cikos bludgeoned de factor partner Allison Penrose to death and strangled their sons, four-year-old Jake and 18-month-old Travis, in the family’s West Dapto home in 1999.
    Cikos was found guilty of their murders and sentenced to 21 years in jail, with a non-parole period of 15 years – five years for each life he took.


    I'm so saddened and shocked by this man's release from prison, where is the justice for Allison, Jake and Travis, and for their surviving family? There's the argument that Cikos is not a danger to society but that's beside the point, why is a life only worth 5 years? How will this deter others from committing the same crime? I swear, these family annihilators keep abreast of these cases and sentences because it's in their mind and planned in advance, some even get away with it completely! 15 years is a joke!!

    I can't find msm link to the crime/trial at the time but I've read other sources that he and his wife participated in group sex, after 10 mths Allison became jealous and verbally and physically assaulted him?! This was his excuse, if anything, he was the one who was jealous, not that it matters in the end!! Cikos solution was to murder Allison and the children!!

    It's too hard to get my head around these mad men and their crimes but surely a long stint in prison would bring him to his senses. He should be released an old man, alone with nothing, nobody! Just a shell of person to stumble through the short remaining years of his life in pain and agony in a society where people treasure their loved ones! This was not a mistake, not a slip up! It was cold blooded murder! Cikos gets the chance to rebuild his life, even have another family?!!! It's just incomprehensible! I feel for Allison's loved ones, this is not justice!

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    Man who murdered family after sexual fantasy with partner turned to jealousy walks free

    It's sad that Allison, Jake and Travis did not receive justice!


    He's a lying SOS!

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