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    Canada - Meet the Construction Worker Moonlighting As a Vigilante Pedophile Hunter

    Meet the Construction Worker Moonlighting As a Vigilante Pedophile Hunter
    Justin Payne spends his days pouring concrete in the suburbs of Toronto. Almost every other waking hour, he's on his smartphone pretending to be a little boy or girl.

    Payne, 28, considers himself a vigilante pedophile hunter. At any given time, the construction worker is logged onto three different dating websites, posing as a child between the ages of nine and 13.

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    Quote Originally Posted by los2188 View Post
    Meet the Construction Worker Moonlighting As a Vigilante Pedophile Hunter


    good article

    It's amazing how he is so dedicated. It would be great if he could take time to enroll in criminal justice courses. He has the drive but sadly he could be vulnerable to legal action as pointed out in the article at your link. In addition to creating liability for himself which I doubt he could afford financially, the perps would avoid prosecution. The article points out that he may be inadvertently thwarting police work. I would hope he gets accreditation and can get into the justice system so that the perps are locked away.

    from your link:

    ''Despite admiring Payne for his good intentions, the potential for screwing up even the most basic of protocols is partially why Gross advises against vigilantism. Even if his activities lead to an arrest, she says a good defense lawyer "could tear him apart" on the witness stand, throwing a case into jeopardy. "
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    "Wouldn't it be better if we had this person in jail?" Not necessarily, IMHO. They don't hold them for any meaningful length of time. They are not required to be on meds to prevent future sexual assaults. So having them wonder about every on-line contact being a set-up and having a video in place where they are shown following up to sexually assault a minor is the best thing we've got right now. And Mr. Payne is not in fear of being punished for a rights violation as he is not a LEO.
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