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    Mentally ill convict lies to sperm bank, fathers 36 children

    I'm all for de-stigmatizing mental illness, but this is just ridiculous and unfair.


    "James Christian Aggeles lied on his sperm donor profile to hide his history of mental illness and legal troubles, according to a lawsuit.FACEBOOK
    James Christian Aggeles lied on his sperm donor profile to hide his history of mental illness and legal troubles, according to a lawsuit.

    On paper, James Christian Aggeles seemed like a dream sperm donor: An attractive, accomplished Ph.D. candidate in fine health and with a high IQ.

    But this apparent Renaissance man — who seemed so impressive that 26 families used his sperm — was in fact a con artist covering up his history as a mentally ill convict, according to a lawsuit from a Canadian couple.

    The suit says Aggeles, a 39-year-old Georgia resident, swindled the couples who were seeking his seed — and helped conceive 36 children before the truth came out.

    “It was like a dream turned nightmare in an instant,” Angie Collins, an Ontario resident and plaintiff in the suit, told the Toronto Star about the conception con.

    Back in 2006, Collins and her partner Elizabeth Hanson spent four months looking for the right sperm donor. Their search ended after stumbling upon “Donor 9623” at Xytex, a Georgia-based sperm bank.

    This mystery man seemed like the perfect man for the job. His profile said he had an IQ of 160, a bachelor’s degree in neuroscience, a master's degree in artificial intelligence. He was working on a doctorate in neuroscience engineering.

    Online, he seemed “eloquent” and “mature beyond his years,” the lawsuit says.

    Angie Collins, of Ontario, and her partner conceived a son using Aggeles' sperm and are now suing him and the sperm bank.

    It took seven years for Collins and Hanson to learn the truth about their dream donor — thanks to an email Xytex apparently sent by accident, breaching confidentiality by revealing the identity of Donor 9623.

    Aggeles, it turns out, suffered from schizophrenia and had been in and out of mental hospitals. He didn’t have a degree in anything because he never finished college, and he also seemed incapable of holding down a job. The year before Collins and Hanson found him, he pleaded guilty to breaking into a house and stealing musical instruments. He spent eight months in prison and had to spend the rest of his 10-year sentence on probation, according to the Star.

    Even the photos he posted on Xytex may have been phony — he appeared to have digitally wiped a large mole from his face.

    Collins and Hanson learned all of this through some simple Google searching after learning their donor’s name, according to court records.

    The suit says Aggeles donated sperm through Xytex between 2000 and 2014, and helped create 17 girls and 19 boys, who now range in age from toddlers to 12. Some of his sperm was stored for later use, the suit says.

    The Canadian couples’ San Francisco-based lawyer, Nancy Hersh, is representing 15 other clients who may join the suit against Xytex and Collins, including American and British families."

    As someone who's going to have to use a sperm bank to conceive, this horrifies me. And excuse my language, by WHY in the HELL would you purposely lie to a sperm bank?? Was he hard up for money? Or did his ego get in the way and he was afraid no one would ever want to father a child with him? Considering schizophrenia is inherited, it's a very cruel hand to deal innocent couples who've dropped thousands of dollars and gone through so much to conceive a child. Unbelievable.

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    I think it is ego and his schizophrenia that made him lie and inflate his bio. i would think he knew exactly what he was doing in regards to the genetic component.

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    I'm speechless, sperm banks should run background checks. Jmo