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    VA - Za’kiylah Ashlock, 23 mos, Newport News, 13 March 2016

    A relative of 23-month-old Za’kiylah Miessence Ashlock, who has custody of the child, called police around 1 p.m. Monday to report that Za’kiylah had been picked up by her mother on March 13 for a weekend visitation. Since that time, the relative said she has been unable to make contact with the mother and does not know the location of Za’kiylah or the mother.

    A warrant was obtained to charge the mother, 20-year-old Imani Adrieanna Lester Cogdell, with felony abduction.

    Police said they have reason to believe the pair may be in Richmond.


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    UPDATE: Imani Cogdell has called NewsChannel 3 and informed us that she has Za'kiylah in her custody. She also says she plans to turn herself in to authorities today. NewsChannel 3 will provide details as they are received.


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    Tuesday afternoon Newport News Police say Imani Cogdell spoke with the detective investigating the case and indicated she was going to turn herself in to police.

    Later the detective was notified that Chesapeake Police had Cogdell and Za'Kiylah Ashlock in their custody at a home in the 4100 block of Sloop Trail.

    Za'Kiylah was taken to the Newport News Police Headquarters where her aunt came to pick her up.
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    Although Za’kiylah was taken to a doctor the day after she was returned and found to be in good health, her aunt says she’s not the same child she was before her mother took her. She says the toddler panics when somebody knocks on the door.

    “Traumatized, running away from the door. She doesn’t want to leave," she described. "Every time we go somewhere, she glues to me. Don’t want to get away from me.”

    She doesn’t know where Cogdell took the little girl during the month she was missing, but she doesn’t think Za’kiylah wants to go back.


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