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    FL - Ethel Shannon McCarson, 42, dismembered, Orange County, 6 April 2016


    John Franklin knew something was wrong when he spotted scavenger birds diving into the woods near his neighborhood bus stop on Old Winter Garden Road. When he approached, he found a naked woman's body in the brush...

    The Orange County Sheriff's Office identified the victim as 42-year-old Ethel Shannon McCarson...

    The woman was decapitated, cut in half and her arms and legs were cut off, witnesses said.

    McCarson was last seen alive March 31 in her home in Polk County, Ga., according to the Sheriff's Office. It's unknown how, or when she ended up in Central Florida. Deputies said McCarson was known to travel around the Florida panhandle area.

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    Deputies said they're working with police in Eustis about a similar unsolved slaying there.

    "This is for real," Frankie Sanders said.

    Sanders, 86, said it's still a haunting sight to walk out the front door of his Eustis home and see a memorial across the street to 24-year-old Shelly Arnold.

    Sanders saw Arnold's body on Feb. 19, 2015, in a wooded area, and he said he first thought it was a mannequin.

    But the truth is that someone killed Arnold and dumped her partially dismembered body.

    "When I saw this and heard about this out here, really, I was like, 'What happened out here?'" Sanders said.

    Orange County deputies are also working to solve the McCarson slaying. The victim's remains were found in a wooded area April 6.

    Link to Shelly Arnold's thread: https://www.websleuths.com/forums/sho...=shelly+arnold
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    Video was released Tuesday showing 42-year-old McCarson at a Greyhound Bus Depot on North John Young Parkway...

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    One year later, death of woman found dismembered still unsolved


    In the year since McCarsonís killing, Orange County Sheriffís Office Detective Theresa Pearce has made a few breakthroughs: She traced McCarson's last call to her mother to a cell phone at a bus station in Ocala and figured out that McCarson came to Orlando on a Greyhound bus. She went through hours of surveillance camera footage from the Orlando Greyhound station and found the moment McCarson got off the bus, with nothing but the clothes she was wearing, a scarf and a cross-body purse.

    Investigators donít know why McCarson came to Orlando or whether she knew anyone here. They donít know where she went after she walked out of the Greyhound stationís surveillance camera frame: possibly to a white car that had just pulled into the parking lot, or maybe toward something else.

    And they donít know who killed her or where she died, though they know it wasnít where she was found. They donít know why her body was so violently mutilated after her death, or why it was left in plain sight near a busy road, fingerprints still intact.

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    "Ethel Shannon McCarson at the Orlando Greyhound Station on April 4, 2016, two days before she was found dead."

    Surveillance video at link:

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