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    TX - Vonnie Bales, 28, Houston, 15 June 1979


    Vonnie Bales disappeared 1979-1980. NamUs lists her LKA date as June 15 1979. Her age is listed as 28-29.
    I noticed her on NamUs before, but she was on yesterday's Charley Project updates. She was mentally disabled and was a resident of Richmond State School, a facility for those with mental disabilities, when she was 17-18 (so 10-11 years before LKA date). Her mental disability appears to be unknown. It is not listed on NamUs that she had a disability.
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    I am surprised there is very little on the net about this case. Vonnie had at least six siblings (this from Ancestry) but there is little indication of any attempts at publicity. Her sister Jo died in 2014 and her obituary states that she is survived by her six siblings which are named and stated to all be living in Texas. The list of siblings includes Vonnie ( http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/cjo...?pid=171933895). The obituary for Vonnie's father, Charles, also lists Vonnie as surviving (http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/hou...ry&pid=3224484). Vonnie's mother died in 1974. Charley Project states she was living with her parents when she went missing but this must have been father and new partner since mother had definitely died 5 years earlier, something supported by what seem to be half-siblings and/or step-siblings in the father's obituary.

    It seems unusual for such a large family to have not made a more public campaign for information.

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    I came across this one on the Charley project. Hate seeing where someone is missing and there is either no info or very little information given. Seems family just brushed aside.

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