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    TX - Hidalgo Co, M UP14947, 30-40,Luis loves Angie tat, Mar16 Jose Luis Chavarria


    Hidalgo County, TX, authorities recovered two bodies in March '16. One has been identified, but the other has not, and has been entered into Namus. The body was a Hispanic male with a left ankle tattoo that read "Luis loves Angie":


    Not many other unique characteristics.

    A brief search through Namus found a person named Luis Solis Garcia who went missing from Starr County (next county west) in 2011:


    No info about the tattoo here, found this only based on the name.

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    he could be named jose luis too. like after his father but went by luis.

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    I was looking for more information and found this.


    A man found floating in the river in march of last year has been identified, but his family has not come forward.The Hidalgo County Sheriff's Office is once again releasing photographs to see if someone might contact next of kin.Investigators have identified him as Jose Luis Martinez - Chavarria.He has a tattoo on his left leg. Right above the left ankle of two hearts. It reads "Luis loves Angie."

    Here is a little more information.

    RIP Jose Luis Martinez-Chavarria

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    so his name WAS jose luis!

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    I have no idea how you knew that, but that was right!

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