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    MS - Selvain McQueen, 31, Columbus, 2 May 2016

    Son of former Columbus police chief reported missing

    The Lowndes County Sheriff’s Department tells WTVA the son of a former police chief is missing.


    - See more at: http://www.wtva.com/news/local/Son_o....4ltS2cYO.dpuf

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    Is Selvain still missing?

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    Skull identified as missing son of former Columbus police chief

    A skull found last month off Armistad Road has been identified as the son of a former Columbus police chief.

    The Mississippi State Crime Lab in Jackson confirmed the skull was that of Selvain McQueen II, according to a Lowndes County Sheriff's Office press release. McQueen was 31 when family reported him missing in May 2016.

    McQueen is the son of former Columbus Police Chief Selvain McQueen, who unsuccessfully ran for Lowndes County sheriff in 2015 and Columbus mayor in 2017.

    County Coroner Greg Merchant said the case is currently a "death investigation" but did not indicate the cause of death.

    A homeowner on Armistad Road discovered the skull on March 13 and contacted LCSO investigators. At the time, authorities said it appeared the skull was "not recent" and that it didn't appear to have any traumatic injury.


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    His wife, Tashika McQueen, told deputies her husband had been missing for about 45 days.

    Merchant says McQueen’s remains were found less than a mile away from the home he shared with his wife.
    “At this point, there’s not evidence to prove homicide or anything, so this is a death investigation. The sheriff’s department has people on this every minute of the day.”

    Merchant says when bones are recovered, they help tell the story of what happened.
    “It will tell you something about life from those individuals that you don’t know, the wear and tear of the joints, and so forth, but it’s possible that it will give you evidence as to what caused these people to die in some manner.”

    The remains were taken to the Mississippi State Crime Lab, where a positive DNA match was made, but before the match happened, investigators needed a sample.
    “They asked for swabs from the subject’s mother and they were submitted to the crime lab. An independent lab was employed to run the DNA profiles of each and we got a match on those two DNAs.”
    The investigation is continuing at the sheriff’s department and in a lab, but it could take a while before there are any answers.

    “This is not an overnight process. This is not over a thirty-day process. We would like to draw this to a conclusion immediately, but this is going to be very slow, very meticulous moving investigation.”

    There could be other remains at the Armistead Road property, but weather has hampered the search.


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    his wife didn't report him missing for 45 days? were they in an on and off relationship?

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