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    NY - Peter Martinez, 28, washed ashore in cement shoes, Brooklyn, 2 May 2016


    Police identified the body Wednesday of a man who washed up on a Brooklyn beach, wrapped in plastic bags with his arms tied and feet in "cement shoes."

    They say the body is Peter Martinez, 28.

    Peter Martinez, 28, was a known gang member with at least 24 prior arrests going back to 2007, police sources said...

    The man was "obviously" the victim of a homicide, police said on Tuesday.

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    Wow. He washed up faster than they had hoped.

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    Officials say he might have been asphyxiated, but further study is needed to determine a cause of death and how long he was in the water.

    Meanwhile, his feet were set in a plastic bucket filled with concrete that weighed more than 50 pounds...

    Martinez's killer didn't let the material dry fully — it was filled with air bubbles, likely explaining why the body wound up on the rocky shore near Kingsborough College on Tuesday, investigators said.

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    Martinez' head, including his mouth and nostrils, were covered in tape.

    He was reported missing in February.


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