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    AZ/NV - Robert Carnochan linked to 3 missing women, 2008-2016


    May 5, 2016

    A Canadian man believed to have been in the U.S. illegally for more than two decades has now been linked to three women who are missing in that country.

    The Mohave County Sheriff's Office says Robert Carnochan, 69, has been linked to 72-year-old Nancy Hartz of Kingman, Ariz., 73-year-old Verna Clayton of Dolan Springs, Ariz., and 77-year-old Neva Lindley of Las Vegas, Nev.

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    Canadian linked to missing Las Vegas woman, 2 others in northwest Arizona
    Robert Carnochan (Mohave County Sheriff’s Office)

    Carnochan was arrested April 13 in Yucca and booked into jail in Kingman on multiple fraud, identity theft and weapons charges. Evidence collected during the search of the Yucca home where Carnochan lived led to the discovery of personal possessions belonging to two other missing women, according to the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office.
    Verna Clayton, Nancy Rae Hartz and Neva Jane Lindley

    Head said each of the missing women had property or other assets of value and that they met Carnochan through online dating sites catering to older people.
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    The Canadian Police need to look into unsolved crimes/missing people in Canada that he involved in.
    Looks like he was hiding in US.

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    Three missing women started a relationship with the same man they met online as evidence in his home makes him a person of interest in their disappearances

    ~ Nancy Rae Hartz, 72, disappeared in 2015 after meeting man on dating site
    ~ Verna Clayton, who would be 73 now, was last seen in June 2008 in Arizona
    ~ Neva Jane Lindley, who would be 77 now, was last seen November 2011
    ~ Police are trying to figure out if Hartz was the victim of a serial predator
    ~ All three women met the same man, Robert Lawson Carnochan, 69, online
    ~ A search of his home turned up evidence that makes him a person of interest in the disappearances of all three women
    ~ Carnochan sits in a Kingman jail on unrelated charges of identity theft, forgery and weapons violations

    PUBLISHED: 20:06 EST, 25 June 2016 | UPDATED: 20:13 EST, 25 June 2016

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/arti...#ixzz4CePxbJAB

    Don't know if this article has new info or not, I just happened upon it and found it interesting.

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    Sounds more to me that they might have a serial killer as opposed to a serial predator.

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    Why is this just now getting some airtime when they've known for months ? I wonder how many others he's victimized that were not reported missing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by peacehope View Post
    The Canadian Police need to look into unsolved crimes/missing people in Canada that he involved in.
    Looks like he was hiding in US.
    I agree peacehope. He may have been doing this for years. There's no way IMO that three women involved with this guy are missing as a coincidence.

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    Woah, I agree there are likely to be more than 3. Bringing the links over:

    Verna 2008 https://www.websleuths.com/forums/sho...ight=carnochan
    Neva 2011 https://www.websleuths.com/forums/sho...ight=carnochan
    Nancy 2015 https://www.websleuths.com/forums/sho...ight=carnochan
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    Sounds like they've got their man. I agree with all of you that this was not his first. He's probably linked to many other disappearances. I wonder if he's had aliases.
    My opinion only, unless referenced or supported by a link. Thank you!

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    This story needs to go viral because if he was searching for victims on online dating sites he has certainly contacted many more women in various states (and countries?)

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    That guy even looks like a creeper. If he has been here in the US illegally for yrs, I'd bet money it's due to the fact that he's running from something in Canada and has done this before. They need to check their old missing persons from 20 plus yrs ago and his history while here in the US.

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    Warning signs with this guy, for anyone who has received " off" sounding emails or calls from senior, female family members, or friends, whom they have not seen in some time. imo.
    By March 2015, Hartz had put her home on the market and was closing her bank account. She was making plans to leave with Carnochan, who "wanted to live out in the middle of nowhere," Baggs said.

    "All of us kids kept trying to tell Mom, 'Don't go,'" Baggs said. But her mother's response was that "she was in love with him, and she was going to go."

    Baggs reported her mother missing in July 2015. She said friends and family were alarmed when they received e-mails that did not sound like Hartz. They also received phone calls but the voice sounded nothing like Hartz, Baggs said.

    Deputies probed further after a woman claiming to be Hartz failed to show up to a scheduled meeting with investigators.

    Detective Scot Durst said in an email that calls to Hartz' phone were never answered.

    Detectives continue to investigate the women's disappearance and have served search warrants and subpoenas on financial institutions and social networks.

    Meanwhile, Baggs attends all of Carnochan's court appearances.

    "I want him to tell me where he left my mother, and I know she's not alive," Baggs said.

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    You don't have to be much of a sleuth to figure out this case is going to end up having a whole bunch of sordid details, all of them bad. Women in their 70's don't normally just up and disappear for no reason, much less three of them, after cleaning out their bank accounts and heading off to meet the same man.

    I imagine we can expect another two or three women to be reported missing now that this story has surfaced. One of the families must have gotten frantic enough for the cops to begin connecting all the dots.

    Serial killer......age 69. Where are they, Bob ?
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    Definitely watching this.

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    Has anyone seen any details about this guy? What cities has he lived in over the past 20+ years? What part of Canada was he from? (who knows if any unsolved crimes could be linked to him there.)

    What dating sites did he post on? What were some of his aliases?

    Sorry, I'm just curious about all of this. It would be very helpful to have people start sleuthing this guy's background.

    And how did he get that woman to call on the phone and pretend she was Nancy Hartz?
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