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    OH - Anant Singh, 64, killed at his home, Symmes Township, 4 May 2016

    Anant Singh, 64 year old Indian man who is retired from GE as an Engineer was killed in his garage. He was found by his wife with a single GSW to his neck.

    He was found at 8.15 am, but neighbors heard gunshots around 5.30am.

    Victim also owns real estate company and has rental property. He Ólso has several patents.

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    An employee of Anant Singh has been arrested in connection with the 64-year-old's death, the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office reported Friday.

    Donald L. Durgan-Dawson is facing one count of aggravated murder after the retired General Electric engineer died as a result of "homicidal violence," officials said.

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    Thanks Okiegranny for the update.
    As soon I read that he has real estate company, I kind of suspected it could be an employee.

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    The perps has prior felony and misdemeanor convictions: 2 for theft and one for carrying a weapon.
    He worked as a property manager for Mr.Singh's real estate.
    I hope it is not against tos to say this: by hiring a convicted felon, Mr.Singh put his renters in close contact with a felon and putting them at risk.

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