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    Italy - Davide Cervia, 31, Velletri, 12 September 1990

    From Italian wikipedia


    Davide Cervia (Sanremo, 1959 – ... disappeared in Velletri on September 12, 1990) is a Italian military.

    After the diploma in electronics, in 1978, at the age of 19 years, he had enlisted as a volunteer by joining as a non-commissioned officer of the reps technological arms missile frigate Maestrale. In 1980, moreover, had attended the specialization course who had qualified expert in electronic warfare with the initials ETE/GE.

    In the summer of 1982 he married Marisa Gentile, with whom he has two children: Erika and Daniel. In 1984 takes his leave with the rank of Sergeant .

    Kidnapping and subsequent investigations

    On September 12, 1990 disappears from home in Velletri. From the beginning, law enforcement investigators also supported the idea of avoluntary departure. In this reconstruction opposed two witnesses, who would have attended, respectively, at the time of the seizure and the escape of the kidnappers. The family soon becomes convinced of the hypothesis of a kidnapping, connected to its military and technical knowledge on the eve of the Gulf war. Four months after the kidnapping, the name of David Cervia listed passengers of an Air France flight Paris-Cairo, the ticket was purchased by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. A year after the Volkswagen Golf, which one of the witnesses had seen led by one of the kidnappers, was found.The car is intact, the back seat there are pure flowers that Cervia had bought for his wife. Soon after the discovery, the family is offeredone billion pounds to keep quiet and let lose each other. In the absence of an Italian Government protection, family members refused to name those who have contacted. In later years the family received several anonymous letters. In a will written that Cervia would die in a bombing in Baghdad, while in another he was prisoner in Libya orSaudi Arabi. Other letters threatened the family, asking to keep the silence. In 1997 the family receives a call and his wife, who answered the phone, she heard the voice of Cervia that talked about work. After several attempts to contact the number, his wife realized that it was a recording . The specializations of Cervia were unknown to the family. The Navy handed over time, five sheets recruitment files (the "curriculum vitae" of the military). Only after 4 years and a 9-houroccupation of the Ministry of defence, family members were given the companyin true, containing the qualification ETE/GE. The Prosecutor General at the Court of appeal of Rome, while confirming the kidnapping, on April 5, 2000 closed the file, resigning herself to the inability to locate the culprits .

    In 2013 the eighty John Chang, instructor of Cervia, Cervia said that was one of the leading experts on weapon systems used by the Navy, including the OTOMAT, sold in1000 copies also to Iraq and Libya. Chang believes that the motive of the abduction may reside precisely in military knowledge of Cervia. Many of the tracks, some also followed by investigators Italians, lead to countries such as Iraq, Libya, Iran and Saudi Arabia. Another runway bore instead to Russia, and seems to be tied to the theft of military technology and the sale of such secrets to the KGB, affair which led to two arrests in 1989, one year before his k

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    The Doe Network:

    Case File 809DMITA

    Cervia, circa 1990

    Davide Cervia
    Missing since September 12, 1990 from Velletri, Roma, Italy.
    Classification: Involuntary

    Vital Statistics
    • Date Of Birth: 1959
    • Age at Time of Disappearance: 31 years old

    Circumstances of Disappearance
    Cervia was last seen on September 12, 1990 in Italy. A witness saw Davide Cervia forcibly pulled into a car. His disappearance is suspected to be related to his work as military technician, he is a military specialist in electronic countermeasures.

    If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:

    Chi l'ha visto?

    Source Information:
    Chi l'ha visto?
    The Cervia affair

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