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    Australia - Lynette 'Norma' Daley, 33, Ten Mile Beach, NSW, 25 Jan 2011

    Lynette Daley, also known as Norma, was found naked, bruised and bloodied on Ten Mile Beach in northern NSW in January 2011.

    An autopsy would later find Ms Daley died from blunt force genital tract trauma.

    She had suffered horrific internal and external injuries following a violent sex act being performed on her by a man who claimed to be her boyfriend, Adrian Attwater.

    Ms Daley had been taken to Ten Mile Beach the previous night by Mr Attwater and his friend, Paul Maris.

    Ms Daley was a mother to seven young children. Mr Attwater and Mr Maris told Ms Daley they were taking her for a camping and fishing trip.

    Both men were known to police at the time.

    In the back of Mr Maris's four-wheel-drive, in darkness, the two men subjected a highly intoxicated Ms Daley to a series of sex acts.

    Forensic pathologists later found Ms Daley's blood alcohol concentration to be dangerously high, 0.352, in the potentially lethal range of intoxication.

    Experts reported Ms Daley would not have been able to consent to the sex acts being performed on her that night.

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    St. Anthony, when you prayed, your stolen book of prayers was given back to you. We ask you now to please pray for all the missing children and adults of the world. Pray for their friends, family, and loved ones in the their time of suffering and sorrow. Pray that all missing people may be returned to their keeping. Or, if they must continue in their loss, pray that they may be given Christ’s comfort and peace.


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    Callous Disregard

    By Caro Meldrum-Hanna and Clay Hichens
    Updated May 9, 2016 14:11:00


    VIDEO: Callous Disregard (Four Corners)
    Monday 9 May 2016


    COMMENT FROM THE ATTORNEY GENERAL: The NSW Attorney General Gabrielle Upton told Four Corners she has asked the DPP to review the case of 'Norma' in February of this year. [PDF]


    Inquest into the death of 'Norma',NSW state Coroners Court, 27 Nov 2014: The inquest found Norma bled to death after a sexual encounter with Adrian Attwater and Paul Maris. [PDF]


    Lynette Daley's death: NSW DPP under scrutiny over unprosecuted killing, by Four Corners, ABC News, 9 May 2016:


    'Norma's' family won't give up fight for justice, The Daily Telegraph, 15 Apr 2016:


    Death that shocked a town: case reopens on woman who died after sex with two men on remote beach, Guardian, 5 Feb 2016:


    Attorney General demands review after no further charges laid over woman's death at Iluka, ABC News, 4 Feb 2016:


    DPP will review evidence against two men who left tragic Norma to die on a beach, The Daily Telegraph, 3 Feb 2016:

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    IMO after reading this article, it seems that the type of 'partner violence'/homicide such as that committed in Lynette/Norma's case is reaching epidemic proportions in Australia; particularly regional areas.

    I find their stories and the 'statistics' deeply disturbing.

    'These women are not just statistics'
    ABC News
    By Heidi Davoren
    Posted Wed 25 Nov 2015, 6:55 AM AEDT

    'These Australian women all died this year. What they have in common is their partners or ex-partners have been charged in relation to their deaths or have been named as the suspect in a murder-suicide. Here, the women's families and friends tell us the stories of their lives.

    Advice: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander readers are advised this website contains images and names of people who have died.'


    Domestic violence cases on the rise in New South Wales, data shows
    1233 ABC Newcastle
    by Giselle Wakatama
    Updated Thu 21 Apr 2016, 11:38 AM AEST

    'New crime data shows domestic violence offences are on the rise in several parts of New South Wales.'


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    Domestic abuse of Indigenous women a 'national crisis'
    Radio National
    Gail Boserio
    Monday 4 May 2015 1:21PM

    'Indigenous women are 34 times more likely to be hospitalised as a result of domestic violence than their non-Indigenous counterparts. It’s a situation Indigenous academic Marcia Langton described as a ‘national crisis’ on a recent Late Night Live panel.'


    Domestic abuse of Indigenous women a 'national crisis' says Marcia Langton

    Radio National
    4 May 2015


    BBM. 34 times more likely to be hospitalised? IMO a national disgrace.

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    It is. I find it very hard to defend against accusations that Australian society is racist. In fact I don't, because I agree with those accusations. These outcomes are shocking and I think victims like Norma are ignored by the media and by public institutions. If she'd been white it would have been national front page news for days (see Steph Scott, Jill Meagher) with marches down streets in her honour.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eloise View Post
    It is. I find it very hard to defend against accusations that Australian society is racist. In fact I don't, because I agree with those accusations. These outcomes are shocking and I think victims like Norma are ignored by the media and by public institutions. If she'd been white it would have been national front page news for days (see Steph Scott, Jill Meagher) with marches down streets in her honour.
    Unfortunately, Eloise, I din't think Australia is on its Pat Malone in that regard. Somehow the 'prevailing majority' seen to think that 'minority lives' are somehow less valuable.

    Honestly, I am just so tired of the violence human beings perpetrate against each other. Thankfully, I continue to see the 'goodness' in others.

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    Lynette Daley: Family press for justice as Ten Mile Beach victim is named for first time
    May 10, 2016 5:28pm
    The Advertiser
    Janet Fife-Yeomans
    The Daily Telegraph

    'THE family of a young woman left to bleed to death on a beach are still fighting for justice 18 months after NSW State Coroner Michael Barnes found there was evidence which could lead to a jury convicting two men over her death.

    The young woman, who was given the pseudonym Norma by the court, can be named as Lynette Daley, 33, whose injuries were described by a forensic pathologist as worse than occur in even precipitous childbirth.'

    I am no prude but this wasn't a normal sex act gone wrong. This was a brutal sexual assault.


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    Violent Sex Mum Lynette Daley Left for Dead, Sparks #JusticeForNorma Campaign
    1 day ago
    By Susmita Pathak Mishra
    Australia Network


    'Lynette Daley, the mother of seven young children, died after two people performed violent sex acts on her, which prompted the supporters of her family to protest against the failure of authorities in executing the guilty perpetrators.

    A wave of anger washed over the public upon seeing how casually the New South Wales Director of Public Prosecutions has handled the violence done on the 33-year-old mum. The angry masses decided to gather for a demonstration outside the Grafton office of the Member for Clarence Chris Gulaptis on Tuesday morning. A campaign called #justicefornorma has been initiated on social media as a criticism over the casual handling of the whole matter and to alert attention to make sure the family gets justice as soon as possible.'
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    'Evil triumphs when good people do nothing.' to paraphrase Edmund Burke. Guess what? We good people did something and evil will not triumph in Norma's case. We'll be watching and waiting for a just outcome, Mr Babb. I, for one, will not forget about Norma.

    Caro Meldrum-Hanna


    'NSW ODPP has announced an independent review of Lynette Daley's case following #4corners Monday night.'

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    Parents of slain woman Lynette Daley demand meeting with NSW Attorney-General over their daughter's brutal killing
    ABC News
    Posted about 2 hours ago
    Updated 44 minutes ago

    'The New South Wales Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) will bring in independent counsel to review his office's decision not to prosecute two suspects in the brutal killing of Lynette Daley.

    The DPP, Lloyd Babb SC, said he had asked Philip Strickland SC and Belinda Baker to review the decision.

    Review necessary to ensure 'correct decision made'

    Mr Babb said he had made the decision to engage independent counsel because of questions raised after recent media coverage about his office's decision not to prosecute.

    "Given the importance of maintaining public confidence in the administration of justice, I have taken the unusual step of seeking advice from independent counsel," Mr Babb said.

    "These two very experienced and highly regarded barristers from the private bar will review all the material and provide their advice to me.

    "I will then proceed to make my decision and advise the public of the outcome."

    Ms Daley's parents have demanded a meeting with NSW Attorney-General Gabrielle Upton to seek answers as to why the suspects were never held to account.

    A spokesman for Ms Upton said she was happy to meet with Ms Daley's family to discuss the matter.'


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    Recording reveals suspect's chilling words while on hold
    Krystal Johnson
    Yahoo7 News
    May 10, 2016, 1:15 pm

    'A chilling emergency call reveals what a suspect said about his alleged victim, while he believed he was 'on hold' to triple-0.

    Adrian Attwater was recorded calling his girlfriend Lynette Daley 'a ******* *****' while he thought he was on hold to an operator in 2011, according to an ABC Four Corners report.

    In an emergency call to NSW Ambulance service Mr Attwater was heard saying: “C'mon, wake up babe where are ya? Hey ya? You ******* ****... What a good ******* Australia Day, ****'* sake...******* hell you bloody *****.”

    Video: Chilling emergency call from man suspected of killing Lynette Daley in 2011:


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    'Aboriginal women's lives really do matter'
    The Drum
    Antoinette Braybrook
    Updated Wed May 11 14:01:15 AEST 2016

    'It shouldn't require Four Corners to expose the failure of our justice system in dealing with domestic violence towards Aboriginal women. There needs to be urgent investment to tackle this epidemic, writes Antoinette Braybrook.

    Australians watching were confronted this week by a tragic reality for too many Aboriginal women.

    Four Corners recounted - in horrifying detail - the brutal killing of an Aboriginal woman, the failure of our justice system to respond, and the failure of our community to care.

    Lynette was battered, bruised and ultimately destroyed by men's violence. It was ended by the most obscene disregard for her humanity. The system did not protect her and justice has not been done.

    What does it say about us as a nation that it requires an investigative journalist to bring this extreme injustice into the national spotlight before we can expect anything close to an appropriate response?'


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    'Aboriginal women 34 per cent more likely to suffer family violence but fear reporting it'
    By Bianca Hall
    The Age
    July 12, 2015

    'Aboriginal women are 34 times more likely to suffer domestic violence than non-indigenous women, and almost 11 times more likely to die at the hands of their partners.

    But they are far less likely to report their abuse to authorities for fear their children will be taken away
    , according to Aboriginal Housing Victoria.

    "Many Aboriginal people still fear the power of police, courts and government over themselves and other Aboriginal people to such an extent that they will not co-operate with authorities, even where they are exposed to harm or fear of harm," chief executive Jenny Samms said.

    "In part this reflects cultural values and obligations regarding caring for others and concern for not getting them in trouble or hurting other community members."'



    i'm even more incensed by Lynette's brutal alleged murder and sexual assault and, by extension, the plight of Indigenous women and children now.
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    The Cost of Violence against Women and their Children
    The National Council to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children
    (c) Commonwealth of Australia 2009

    'By 2021-22 violence against Aboriginal women is estimated to cost the nation an extraordinary $2.2 billion a year.' [.PDF]


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