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    Thumbs up RMN: On the Haddon law firm

    I'm posting this great article by Charlie Brennan today on the latest tactics by the Haddon law firm, criminal attorneys to the Ramseys, to trash the accuser of Kobe Bryant. They want, among other things, to get rid of the rape shield law and bomb women back to the stone age who dare report rape, open up her medical records, etc. They mention she is on anti-psychotic drugs to smear her, etc. Is it any wonder the DA's office has never wanted to go up against them.


    Bryant lawyers target woman's behavior
    Defense says alleged victim had 'pattern' of seeking attention

    By Charlie Brennan, Rocky Mountain News
    December 16, 2003

    The woman who has accused Kobe Bryant of sexual assault attempted suicide twice to win the attention of an ex-boyfriend, and her charge against the athlete is part of the same pattern of behavior, Bryant's lawyers claim.

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    I think Haddon and his clan are really reaching here. That poor victim, if she DID try to commit suicide, just had another reason to (sic) when she met up with Kobe and Haddon. Sigh.

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    Some women are just liars...
    IMO -

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    Plus, ne'er to forget that it was reported that Haddon and Hunter were politically thick... so maybe no DESIRE to go up against them.

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