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    NY - David Malcom, 26, Ithaca, 11 Feb 1987


    On Feb. 12, 1987, the body of 26-year-old David W. Malcom, of Ithaca, was found in the American Red Cross shelter office, then located at 717 W. Court St. in Ithaca.

    At the time, Malcom was a staff member at the Red Cross shelter. He had reported to work the previous day for a 24-hour shift...

    "We put a fresh set of eyes on the case and basically started from scratch, went over a lot of the leads from '87 and 1988 and we've since then generated over 100 leads between last fall until now, and we've followed up on most of those leads," Monticello said.

    Thanks to those leads, police have identified a person of interest, but would not say much about him as the investigation continues...

    At this time, investigators aren't ready to make an arrest, feeling the puzzle isn't quite complete. They're hoping that, with this renewed attention, someone will come forward with the final piece.

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    Sounds like some progress has been made-----will keep good thoughts for David and his family.
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