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    OR - Benjamin Nuissl, 15, Hood River, 9 May 2016

    Benjamin Nuissl and his family went to Hood River Monday for a day trip. They were biking on a trail along the Columbia River when Benjamin got ahead of them.

    Benjamin’s father admits it’s possible his son ran away. He’s done it before, but not this long, and not because he’s a troubled teenager. Gunther says his son has a brain injury.

    Gunther found his son’s bike at a bus stop in Hood River, but witnesses say he never got on the bus. He was spotted at a gas station trying to hitchhike. Benjamin has also been spotted in downtown Hood River near the Salmo Street Springs and the Gateway Shopping Plaza.


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    A 15-year-old boy with a serious brain injury who went missing during a family bike ride in Hood River earlier this week was found safe and is now back where he lives...

    “He has a brain injury. He had brain surgery last year…to keep him from having seizures. He has a condition known as dis-inhibition,” Gunther said. ”He does have a tendency to wander. He has a tendency to get himself in trouble as a result.”

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