Rustin James Orr died in his Cottonwood Heights home on September 11, 2014, and after a 14-month investigation police filed manslaughter charges against his wife, Dr. Ina Amber...

According to the probable cause statement, in the weeks prior to his death, Orr depended on others to care for all his basic needs, including clothing, feeding, and bathroom use.

“There was actually a conflict between her and another nurse who found that the alcohol was being supplied and subsequently said that she was hiding the alcohol,” Gill said.

Amber also told police that Orr was "controlling," and that he refused to get a divorce or move out of their home, charges state.

Orr told a friend in June, three months before his death, that Amber was over-medicating him, charges state. Orr, at the time, was unable to get out of bed and was "nearly incoherent," the friend told investigators.

An autopsy determined Orr's cause of death to be alcohol and Librium intoxication, the charges state. The medical examiner noted that "neither substance would have been fatal in isolation, but the combination of substances caused Mr. Orr's death"...

"Amber admitted it was not ideal for someone to consume alcohol while taking Librium," the charges state. "Amber acknowledged the danger in combining alcohol and Librium but continued to supply Mr. Orr with both substances."

Investigators also noted that Amber "never created any medical records relating to her evaluation or diagnosis of Mr. Orr," the charges state.

In 11 months, Amber wrote 17 prescriptions of Librium for Orr, according to charging documents.