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    India - Maddalena Calderone, 28, Puri, 1 December 1995


    Maddalena Calderone is a beautiful girl in Novi Ligure province of Alessandria and is 28 years old when the boyfriend Claudio Fabbris from Mestre, decides to leave for a trip to India. The two live in a small house for rent on the island of Elba, where they both work as "seasonal", making her a waitress in a restaurant, he is the chef in another room. They have no shackles on my mind, but above Magdalene, is extremely attracted to Eastern spirituality, religions and even by some alternative medicine that is practiced in those places. From time programming that trip, and have put aside the money to afford giving up so many things in the name of a dream. Thus, ended the season on Elba, Maddalena greets the family with a phone call where he says he will be gone six months. The couple take a plane 18 October 1995, and already have the ticket back to 20 March 1996. They arrive in New Delhi and stop in the area where, after about a month and without the reason is very clear, perhaps for litigation, perhaps diverging on how to continue the journey, the couple separates. Maddalena will tour the east, visiting Bombay, Calcutta and Puri. Claudio instead heads south, where it will arrive until the tip of India, Trivandrum. But despite any differences, the agreement remains that you will have to review in New Delhi to Christmas, where the program is to spend at least the New Year together. Months went by and arrives in December, but Maddalena, after sending a telegram from Puri where he says that will come soon, do not show up to the appointment with Claudio. He worried, he left for the holy city of India where it wants to look for it, but when there comes after almost 10 days by train, learns some news that does not worry him much: on the first page of a local newspaper the image appears of a body of a woman from the western characteristics, beheaded, and returned to the sea. It is December 18, 1995. Claudio has a horrible feeling that it may be Maddalena and travels to the Italian Consulate where he tells his story. There, by the local police, they show some photos of the body including one in which we see a small tattoo of a butterfly that is identical to what we had Magdalene. For Fabbris that is proof that it is the body of his girlfriend, and therefore officially recognizes the corpse. They make various assumptions about the end of what all is Maddalena. It may have drowned and a shark could have decapitated the body, or it could be over in a matter of delinquency and prostitution where maybe they would be punished if he tried to rebel. It could also have been a victim of rape, or maybe a kidnapping. What is certain, is that there are neither tracks nor ideas about what happened. Claudio then returned to Italy to give the sad news to the Calderone family. It is March 8, 1996. At this point the Italian authorities are interested in the case and the prosecutor in Alexandria asks the Puri police to send photos of the woman found without a head on the beach and part of the body remains. The finds come and, from the photos, even the Maddalena mother, and sister Teresa believe to recognize the poor of Magdalene body, although there is a doubt: no one can remember exactly whether the tattoo with the butterfly was under the right breast or under the left. Lorenzo's father, and the other sister Anna, however, do not recognize Magdalene in those images. In fact, on April 2, it opens the question. La Maddalena family makes this the doubt to the Italian police, and you decide to proceed with DNA testing. On 27 April 1996 the Indian police and Italian, as a result of DNA evidence, rule out that the body found beheaded on the Puri beach belongs to Calderone Maddalena. Come forward also some witnesses, who say they have crossed on the beach, while walking with a boy, a young woman as Magdalene and that the girl would also greeted them in Italian, with a "hello". Since then, however, nothing has been heard of her. Alive? Dead? Surely disappeared. In all these years, some of you have something to say to this family that does not find peace?
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