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    What is it going to take for this judge to understand the mind control MS has on these girls?

    The best thing that can be done is to limit MS phone calls to one a day or one every other day, while limiting visits to every other weekend. Someone from DCF needs to step up to the plate now and take some control away from MS, The therapist can then work with them on respecting and listening to their grandmother as the boss.

    This matter of MS running the show must stop or the girls will be lost and I fear will turn to the wrong groups of people in a few years. JMO.

    My opinions only.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2Hope4 View Post
    See this is another instance of me not understanding the legal system. Here, we have a lady with NO criminal charges pending, who is their grandma, and stepping forward willingly to take custody of the girls, and raise them. The girls have NO criminal charges against them. AND YET, they all are a prisoner of Florida! Then, we have the Moorers in the Heather Elvis case who are BOTH charged with CRIMINAL cases pending, and yet, they were allowed to MOVE out of South Carolina to FL!!!! HOW???

    It makes no sense at all! MAG and the kids have done nothing illegal! MAG should be allowed to move the girls wherever she sees fit. Phone calls can occur from state to state! Let them try to pick up the pieces of their completely shattered lives and learn to live! Let their healing begin for gosh sakes! This monster called MS has done enough damage to them for a lifetime! He does NOT need nor deserve to ever see or speak to them again! Get him away from those kids!!!
    Agree 1 trillion percent.

    They should be allowed to move. Now Mark may have rights. But he temporarily lost his rights to see his kids since he is in jail and can't get out.

    I never knew of a law that mandated kids to visit their parent in jail.

    They don't do it to the other parent. So why do it to the grandmother.

    I wonder how many kids in the Dcf system are forced to visit their incarcerated parent. And who takes them.
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