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    Quote Originally Posted by Joanner View Post
    Judge Perry saved Jose's ass quite a few time when he was trying to make some legal blunders. I wonder if this New England judge will have the same outlook.
    I agree that Judge Perry saved Jose's bacon more than once. I don't think anyone would be as patient as Judge Perry!
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    Ew. Rot somewhere blazing hot, Casey. At least she didn't do an interview.

    Her response in court documents:

    She said none of the pleadings that Dominic Casey filed in the case have anything to do with Kronk’s claims against her.
    Additionally, she said the allegations made by the investigator are irrelevant, frivolous and are nothing more than scandalous statements meant to be inflammatory and prejudicial.

    Casey’s statements, Anthony adds, were only made in hopes of selling more copies of his book.
    The sex claims I can see calling frivolous. But not his other claims where she authorized her defense to publish inflammatory statements about Kronk. The proof is right there in Baez's opening statement and in her past where she called herself a "victim" and pointed the finger at anyone and everyone she could.

    What gives her the right to decide what is or isn't relevant? And why on earth should anyone listen to her? I guess she hasn't lost her sense of entitlement.

    I don't believe in statement analysis, but I found the statement analysis on Baez's interview hilarious nonetheless. WS won't let me link to it but you can find it by googling "Jose baez new denials examined."
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