Namus UP8465

Probable year of death: 1995 to 1995
Estimated postmortem interval: 3 Months

Body conditions: Not recognizable - Mummified

Vital Statistics

Estimated age:
Approximate Height: 110
Approximate Weight: 63
Hair Color: Brown;
Chin to collar-length, straight, fine, dark brown or black hair
Eye Color: Unknown

Physical/medical: Healed fracture of right lower leg (distal third of right tibia)

Clothing & Accessories

Levi's 5 pocket Jeans (waist 28, length 32)
Blue short-sleeved shirt with "Golden Age Games - Sanford Florida" written in yellow letters on front and "Post Natural Bran Flakes" written in yellow letters on back Black long-sleeved, button-up (cardigan-style) sweater with blue and gray stripe/swirl designs; Halter-style sports bra with multi-color, swirl design; White or tan bikini style panties with lace trim. Size medium (hips 35-37);
White tube socks with green stripes;
drug paraphernalia

White and black "Nike Air" high top athletic shoes - size 8


Fingerprints: Fingerprint information is currently available and entered
Dentals: Dental information is available and entered
Complete - Insufficient DNA for profiling

Case History
Partially mummified and skeletonized remains discovered in an uninhabited public housing apartment. Drug paraphernalia found on the body suggests a history of crack cocaine abuse.