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    Since this is a sidebar thread, think it is ok to link a new thread, and shout out to fellow "Wow" who posts on this thread.

    to the others on this thread who also enlightened others as to integrative medicine that Teresa promoted.


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    Don't want to bore anyone, but I think the "obsession" claims by MS's family might be a little premature or misguided. (ie....the suggestion that CWW was obsessed by MS??? Maybe that is how MS has deflected the true depth of his entanglements with CWW in the past. "Oh, CWW hero worships me. I need him for computer work. He is just so dependent on me....etc, etc, etc.") Hmmmm, fox smells his own hole first.
    It seems MS had quite a "soft spot" for CWW, too.
    "One person who never strayed far from Mark's inbox was Wright.

    In 2014, Wright texted Sievers, wondering why he had called. Sievers texted back, "nothing honey, just checking to see what's up with you."

    In another text, Sievers asks Wright, "how's everything going, baby?"

    I also transcribed the time and texts of 5/4/2015 between MS and CWW. Very enlightening and reaffirms a
    lot of the "whispered shenanigans" in regards to the events right before the wedding. Be prepared, cuz if you'll let me post them EXACTLY AS WRITTEN along with the symbols used....
    Well, you can decide for yourselves: OUTrageous, they OUTED themselves, or Time OUT I'm confused!

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    Just sitting here wondering how so much can be wrong with so many people and really the only ones to suffer are the children. This case actually nauseates me , I can only try to imagine what Teresas family feels like. We no longer have a judicial system . It's ALL about money. Who can get what from who and use it to their advantage. JUST SICK ,PERVERTED, DISGUSTING MEN IN THIS CASE!
    Liars, even when they speak the truth, are not believed. Aristotle 384-322 B.C.

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    Fresh coffee and a fresh thread await you HERE


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