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    Baltimore Harbor Tunnel Closed-Security Threat


    BALTIMORE One of two tunnels carrying traffic under Baltimore's harbor was closed Tuesday and another was partially shut down in response to what an official said was a security threat.
    The Baltimore Harbor Tunnel (search) was closed while the Fort McHenry Tunnel was partially closed, with one lane of traffic moving in each direction, said Lt. Col. David Franklin of the Maryland Transportation Authority Police (search).

    The closures were in response to a threat, a federal law enforcement official said. The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue, did not provide further information about the nature of the threat.

    More in article link.

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    Thanks for posting that link absolut. Hubby and I had entertained visiting Baltimore Inner Harbor this past weekend but opted to attend our local Applefest instead. Ya just never know! I'm glad the authorities chose to err on the side of caution.
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    Hi absolut,

    I don't see the entrance to any tunnel! All they show on TV is the widened out area which looks like a toll gate to me. Wonder why they don't show the entrance and the river? By the way, the search link for the tunnel says it is not available, but thanks for the thread.

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    The link says they're opened now.

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    Our Mayor knew this for two weeks, unlike NYC that notified it's residents, we knew nothing until they shut down the tunnels. I would have liked to weigh my perception of the risk ;then decided to or not to drive through the tunnel these last few weeks. IMO NYC did it right! Worse though is the tularemia in Wash.DC, they notified no one until the risk was over!!!!! They claim it could have been a natural occurrence, oh yep, six air monitors over a few miles all came up with Tularemia, that's natural?

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