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    Scotland - Liam Fee, 2 Abused/Murdered by Mother & Her Lover; Abuse Complaints Ignore

    Concerns about tragic toddler Liam Fee were raised six times before he was eventually killed by his lesbian mum and her lover.

    The two-year-old suffered a catalogue of cruel abuse at the hands of Rachel Trelfa or Fee, 31, and her partner Nyomi Fee, 29, who were yesterday convicted of his murder...

    During their seven-week trial , a number of witnesses told the High Court in Livingston they had raised concerns about the toddler's health and wellbeing with social services .


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    This pair are monsters!

    I'll never get used to the number of disordered scum who abuse children for sick reasons that they will happily justify. These low-life sickos purposely have children to abuse or the novelty of child-rearing wore off or they weren't able to keep the partner they wanted, or their new partner hates the child so the child has to pay....meaning, let the torture and abuse begin with mother or father's full co-operation!!
    These concerns that were raised should have been acted on, Liam would be alive and away from these creeps!!

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    I have read the appeal has been approved......


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