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    Background & timeline relating to the civil suit’s (absurd) accusation that Nurmi “forced” the POS into a defense not of her choosing, one that centered on smearing Travis, which she never, ever, wanted to do.


    From her last journal, obviously written after she murdered Travis. Before her arrest & the next set of lies.

    (Greatly abbreviated & from an easily accessible source: https://juror13lw.com/2015/02/03/jod...-freedom-2008/

    5/18/08: Frustrating times. My Helio phone was stolen. It is hugely inconvenient.

    …I’m just not physically attracted to him anymore. I feel like a cloud has lifted since I moved back. He’s still a great friend w/flaws, but I have plenty of those, too.

    5/22/08: Sad news: I finally had “the conversation” w/Travis and it did not go well……we probably would be better off in all ways if we were not physical. He got offended and upset, then acted distant.

    I tried being so sweet & speak kindly to him….Then it got worse, he asked me who I’m seeing, have I been getting my kicks w/someone else, etc. …

    Well, even sadder is we agreed to amicably part ways. He is an amazing person, and he’s told me countless times that I am one of the most beautiful people he’s ever met – on the inside & out….

    We are truly good people at the core, both of us, but we can’t behave ourselves when we’re around each other, not even over the phone.

    I am mortified that my phone was stolen. It had a hugely scandalous text message from him (10 pgs!) that he sent last week. It would make a steamy romance novel sound like script from a G-rated Disney movie.

    I also had 1 or 2 recorded conversations that were equally as scandalous. I never did figure out how to play those back for him.

    Wherever my phone is now, I just hope to text messages & conversations are never discovered. yikes. It’s certainly not Pamela Anderson or Paris Hilton level scandal, there’s no video, but it would be embarrassing none-the-less.
    He’s just so dang hot & cold. Bi-polar even, it would seem. The final chapter was finally written and the end was bitter-sweet. He said on some level, we will always be friends, but we both agreed that it’s better this way. .. And it’s very much in alignment w/the email I sent him a few days ago.

    I won’t miss his teasing or his bi-polar tendencies to snap and yell and say things he ends up regretting, but I will miss his sense of humor.


    …I’ve somehow managed to become his whipping-girl, and we’re both addicted to it. It’s the same pattern as always, he gets pissed, goes off on me, feels bad, we “make-up”, things are mellow for a few days, then the cycle begins again.
    I’ve learned that it’s better to just let it run its course.

    Yes Travis you’re right, Travis, whatever you say, Travis. As long as I’m not too patronizing he goes right through it and then ends up being apologetic & sweet – talking afterward, and we end up having make-up sex, or in this case, phone sex. We’re crazy, being addicted to this cycle.

    …..An occasional jerk & rude, but always redeems himself. Despite his character flaws, I love him & always will. … I let him get it out of his system until he couldn’t help it anymore. We called each other and talked until it was light out. It actually wasn’t really talking. Well, dirty talk, I guess you could say. I’m just as naughty as he is, more in fact


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    Part 2, Civil Suit. choice of defense.

    July 28, 2008. Days after being interviewed by Flores and claiming ninjas, the POS writes T’s family, on his birthday, from jail. In the letter to her victim's family, among other foul and obscenities, she claims for the first time that Travis physically abused her. Nothing in the letter about pedophilia.


    “Flores told me anything I might reveal about Travis would never and could never change your opinion about Travis, and since (that) fear was the only thing holding me back, I feel like I can now shed a little light…..”

    --Travis was sexually active, with multiple women, even when he was in supposedly committed relationships.

    -Travis persuaded the POS to do things, including moving to Mesa. “I could not say no to Travis.” “He would not let me escape his influential grasp.”

    --Had a “come clean conversation,” and when it was my turn, “all hell broke loose;” “he lost his temper completely and flew into a rage;” he began punching himself in the head so hard he injured his neck and back….”

    “Travis never hit me in the face, but he bruised other parts of my body. It was easy to shrug off a few bruises with my friends. That only happened 2 times. The second time in April 2008, two PPL’ers at the Tempe business mtg saw my bruises and asked- so is Travis beating you now?”

    “I played along with their joke to protect his reputation. I know it is common behavior for women in abusive relationships to protect their partner (but we weren’t in a committed relationship, and I was about to leave town).”

    By moving, I prevented any future opportunities for abuse or immoral behavior.

    “His cruelty and abuse never knew it made me angry. It only invoked pity and remorse. And shame as well. Because he acted that way out of pain and I never wanted to hurt him.”

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    All year: the Ninjas did it.

    POS’s original mitigation specialist and 1st chair attorney Schaffer interview POS’s family, former employers & boyfriends looking for helpful mitigation evidence. According to JM, the interviews instead almost uniformly reveal strikingly negative information & perceptions about the POS.

    May 22, 2009
    , the POS tells Judge Duncan she wants to go pro per because she’s unhappy with Schaffer. Nurmi writes that the POS was also angry with her mitigation specialist.

    August 10, 2009. Both Schaffer and second chair Gregory Parzych withdraw. Before they do so, Schaffer turns over to the State all the mitigation witness interviews she and the MS (over 400 pages), even though she was not obligated to do so. (Nurmi writes that he was aware of this disclosure early on, and considered it highly damaging to the defense. JM writes that the notes were critical to making his case for premeditation).

    Also, at some point in their brief tenure, Shaffer and Parzych ask for and are given access to T’s computer, which they turn on, destroying evidence (leading to the porn- on -computer debacle/farce of PP2).

    August 18, 2009. Evidentiary hearing on whether or not there is probable cause for proving the aggravating factor of especially cruel (necessary for the case to be DP eligible). Flores testifies the shot came first.

    September 2009. Nurmi takes over first chair, Washington is second chair. He writes that although he thinks POS’s ninja story is ridiculous and unsupportable by the evidence, he can’t dissuade or prevent the POS from telling it.

    Nurmi writes that Schaeffer had developed a defense strategy, but that it wasn’t one he intended to follow. He says his first read through of the evidence and his own encounters with the POS convinced him the POS was mentally disturbed.

    His preferred strategy already is, and will continue to be, to present a heat of passion, second degree murder/manslaughter case. Although the POS still clings to the ninjas (absolving herself of all responsibility for T’s murder), Nurmi immediately begins pursuing evidence to support his own strategy.

    October 2009. Nurmi begins entering motions to have the State turn over forensic exams of all electronic media, including T’s phone. He will continue filing motions demanding discovery of all things electronic throughout 2009-2012.

    JM writes that upon seeing Nurmi’s slew of phone/computer evidence motions he assumed the DT was going to drop the ninjas story to pursue a self-defense case.

    November 3, 2009. Duncan sets a new trial date: August 15, 2010.
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    Early 2010. Samuels interviews the POS and tests her for PTSD. She tells him the ninja story. Nurmi writes it hurt the defense/Samuels’ credibility at trial that the POS was still claiming ninjas, but he had to schedule experts, no matter what problems that would cause at trial if she changed stories, because trial was (supposedly, he thought) imminent (August of 2010).

    Early 2010. Cheryl Karp, the DT’s first choice of DV expert, interviews the POS, who tells her of numerous of physical abuse by TA incidents (30-40, according to Sky Hughes). The frequency of physical abuse the POS alleged to Karp contradicted, as Nurmi knew, what the POS had told a national audience on 48 Hours shortly after her arrest:

    “Travis lost his temper with me several times, but I was never afraid for my life. He left bruises-on my arms, legs, and torso, but I think I covered them up pretty well.”

    What she told Karp also contradicted what she had written to T’s family shortly before the 48 Hours interview: that Travis had been physically abusive twice. The POS mentioned the letter to T’s family during the 48 Hours interview, an interview Nurmi said he watched soon after he was assigned the POS’s case.

    Karp never testified. Best guess, the POS didn’t tell her a pedo story during this first interview, but did so in a subsequent interview (Karp was retained as the DT’s trial witness on DV through September 2011).

    Given her exit date, Karp also had to have been aware that the POS changed her story about the frequency of abuse within a few months of being interviewed by Karp (and would again).

    April 6, 2010. DT’s enters a specifically targeted electronics motion: to compel the State to turn over texts & emails from TA’s phone. Nurmi is still in search of evidence proving a second degree worthy “chaotic” relationship.

    April 11, 2010. Ten forged letters are emailed to Nurmi. The letters are clearly intended as “evidence” to support the pedo lie AND the POS’s lies about being physically abused. But the POS’s intention to harm with the letters didn’t end there.

    At least one of the letters targeted Deanna (it contained a lot of disparaging & hurtful comments about her, again, supposedly written by Travis). The ugliest letter, about pedo, was aimed squarely at Chris & Sky Hughes (suggested that Travis was thinking he might sexually abuse the Hughes’ 4 year old child)

    June 2010. The DT discloses forged pedo letters to JM. Motions and hearings and wrangling about the admissibility of the letters starts immediately, and continues for over a year, finally ending in August 2011, when they are ruled inadmissible.

    One of the key impediments to having the letters introduced is that the POS (for obvious reasons) couldn’t produce originals of the letters. Nurmi writes that he demanded she tell him who had the originals, and says she told him, but he couldn’t reveal her reply because of attorney-client privilege (lol). (More on this in the 2011 timeline).

    June 22, 2010. The POS officially changes her defense. No more ninjas. She now admits she did kill Travis, but will present a defense that killing him was justifiable, as she had been a victim of domestic violence (alleges 4-5 incidents) and reasonably believed that Travis intended to kill her that day.

    The pedo lie was already entwined in this defense, though the lie would evolve. The forged letters star in this first version because the pedo lie and the letters were intended to be mutually reinforcing.

    In this first, pre-trial version, the POS goes over to T’s house to clean his attic. While in the attic, she discovers a bunch of videos of little boys being molested and little boys’ toys. Travis writes her (one of the forged letters), dated January 21, 2007, expressing his horror that she has uncovered his dark secret.

    He confesses that he has sexually molested little boys, that he knows he is evil, that he’s afraid he won’t be able to stop himself from molesting Sky & Chris Hughes’ son, that having sex with women lessens his need to molest boys, and that his pedophilia explains why he likes anal sex and seeing her in little boy undies. He asks her not to judge him and tells her to call him as soon as she reads the letter.

    There is nothing in this forged letter about the POS witnessing Travis masturbating to images of little boys on the computer, nor to a photo that falls magically at her feet.

    June 2010. Nurmi writes that the POS gives him explicit permission to show Sky and Chris the forged letter(s) in which Travis “confesses” his desire to molest their son.

    Nurmi does just that. Sky recalls that he contacts her right around the time Nurmi files POS’s change in defense (June 22, 2010). He tells the Hughes that his experts had the highest confidence (according to Nurmi) or were 100% sure (according to Sky) the letters were authentic. Sky initially believes what is in the letter (which no doubt made POS’s day).

    What Nurmi doesn't dwell upon in his book is that the POS had to have given him the same permission to show Deanna at least one of the forged letters, which he does, in an interview at her house. JM describes this interview as essentially an ambush, conducted in less than good faith, almost certainly intended to have Deanna “confess” that she sex with Travis, and likely, in the hope of encouraging Deanna to turn on Travis.

    None of that works, and Deanna told JM several weeks later that she didn’t believe Travis wrote the letter. Deanna also gives JM original love letters from Travis to be used by JM’s handwriting experts. (Did the POS see copies of those letters when she first went pro per?)

    June 30, 2010. Dworkin begins examining the Helio phone containing both the tree porn text (that she sent to herself) and the “sex tape” for “expert” analysis.

    Nurmi writes that he was shocked by what he heard on the tape. Specifically, says Nurmi in this book written AFTER the trial, several comments by Travis relating to 12 year olds strongly indicated to him -and still do-that Travis did indeed have pedophilic interests. He also writes that what he heard on the tape gave credence to the forged letters’ authenticity.

    In other words and in his own words, AT THE VERY LEAST, from the time Nurmi filed her defense to self defense on through August 2011, he did not think there was any reason to disbelieve POS’s accusation that Travis was a pedophile

    ((Nurmi wrote that “sometime in 2010” he was contacted by someone in POS’s family, who told him that the Helio had been found in a relative’s car. He said he was anxious to know what was on the phone, but knew he couldn’t access what was there himself (evidence tampering), so he instructed the family member to turn it over to the DT’s investigator, who then gave it to Dworkin to examine.

    Since he said he listened to the tape AFTER he’d received and read the forged letters, Auntie Sue must have called him to report that she’d magically found the “stolen” Helio sometime between April 12 and late July, 2010.

    Since nothing on the Helio was relevant to her accusations about being physically abused, and since the POS would have known the tape contradicted her tale of herself being victimized by a sexually aggressive Travis, maybe the POS wanted the Helio found just then because she thought it would help support the pedo lie. Just as it did, apparently, at least for Nurmi).
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    July 1, 2010. The State turned over all of T’s text messages.

    October 26, 2010. The POS submits her first of 3 plea bargain “offers” to the State (2nd: December 2010; 3rd: June 2011).

    (Nurmi ‘s book discusses only one undated plea bargain attempt by the POS. It is therefore impossible to know which of the 3 plea bargain “offers” Nurmi tries to present as his righteous effort to “warn” the State, TA’s family, and others how “out of control” and ugly a trial would be.

    From the October 2010 plea (paraphrased unless in quotes):

    “While felony murder is a legal and factual possibility, the probability is the State will have a difficult time convincing the jury to find Jodi guilty of capital murder. It will require quite the feat of mental gymnastics to get a conviction under this theory.”

    “Understanding this dynamic, if the State focuses on the “easier” sell of premeditation. This too is a difficult sell and here’s why:”

    Experts will testify that Travis’s behavior (towards the POS) was extremely demeaning, abusive, and degrading, and what affect that had on Jodi’s psyche.

    Travis’s own words will (destroy his reputation as a devout Mormon) and will paint him as a “playboy expert manipulator and sexual deviant.”

    Even if the (forged) letters aren’t admitted, TA’s own words, through texts and voice recordings will “show the dynamic,” and if they are admitted, they will “add a layer of authenticity “ to the texts and (sex tape) “such that a jury will come to the conclusion this was not first degree murder.”

    “Given the timeline of the incident, the premeditation angle becomes more difficult for the State to prove.”

    The evidence (the POS? Nurmi? believes) which supports a lesser charge such as manslaughter:

    ** Text messages will prove that Travis was upset with her and called her names, he also wanted to continue using her for sex.

    ** Flores in his 48 Hours interview “makes admissions that there is anger involved with this.”

    **We have an email from Travis to Jodi telling her she was only good for oral sex and calling her a 3 hole wonder.

    The plea also cites two Arizona cases in which defendants stabbed their victims to death, yet were “only” charged with second degree murder.

    The State does not reply, at all, to this plea offer. That suggests, IMO, that the POS wrote the plea, not Nurmi, and that it wasn’t related to any formal & scheduled settlement conference.

    December 2010. POS tries again to strike a plea bargain with the State.

    This time she is even less subtle. She states that “it strikes her” the amount of “collateral damage” a trial will inflict, since exposing Travis’s “numerous” (sexual) relationships with other Mormons would “affect marriages, standings in the Mormon community, friendships, and “most of all, the very cherished and poignant memories of Travis would be tarnished.”

    The State did respond to this second attempt to “settle” for a second degree murder conviction: NO, POS. THAT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

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