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    Australia - Jodie Tarnawskyj charged in death of newborn, Gold Coast, 8 June 2014

    Gold Coast mother accused of killing newborn son denied bail
    ABC News online
    By Louisa Rebgetz
    Posted 5:51pm 08/06/2016 AEST

    'A Gold Coast mother who allegedly murdered her newborn son and cleaned up his body and placenta before her other children woke has been refused bail.

    Jodie Renee Tarnawskyj, 37, wept in the dock as the details of the case were read out in the Supreme Court in Brisbane.

    The crown alleged Tarnawskyj deliberately hid the pregnancy as part of a premeditated plan to kill the boy, who they say was born alive.

    It is argued she either suffocated, choked or neglected to save his life after giving birth at her Gold Coast home on June 8, 2014.'

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    Gold Coast mother who self-delivered baby convicted of manslaughter

    Jodie Renee Tarnawskyj, 38, pleaded guilty in the Brisbane Supreme court on Monday after a murder charge was discharged.

    It was the mother-of-two's failure to seek medical assistance in relation to the birth that led to her manslaughter charge.

    In sentencing, Justice Martin Burns said it was likely Tarnawskyj felt "overwhelmed, unsupported and isolated" by her circumstances.

    He agreed that Tarnawskyj believed her son was not breathing but said her failure to check was difficult to understand.

    Justice Burns sentenced her to five years' jail but she was released on parole immediately having already served almost two-and-a-half years in custody.
    Gold Coast mum Jodie Tarnawskyj pleads guilty to manslaughter of newborn son Oliver

    Sixteen hours after delivering baby Oliver in the toilet of her Paradise Point home on June 8, 2014, Jodie Renee Tarnawskyj called an ambulance.

    Tarnawskyj told paramedics and police she believed her son was stillborn, however Brisbane Supreme Court Justice Martin Burns yesterday said “that was not a reasonable belief” because she did not even check if he was breathing.

    “The findings of an autopsy established he was delivered alive and that he had breathed and gulped before death,” he said.

    The court heard, after cutting the umbilical cord, *Tarnawskyj wrapped her son, who weighed 3.6kg, in a towel covering his entire body, then laid him on a laundry bench and waited until her two other children were in bed that night before returning to hold him. “You talked to him for a long time and, after that, you called the ambulance ... (which was) some 16 hours after he had been born,” Justice Burns said.

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