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    NV - George Tony Sandoval, 31, Henderson, 21 June 2015

    Henderson police ask for help finding man missing nearly a year

    A man last seen at M Resort is still missing nearly a year after his suspicious disappearance and Henderson police are asking for help as the investigation continues.

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    I am really surprised this case doesn't have a single comment, especially seeing how popular Joey LaBute became!

    George is featured on the Vanished podcast, which gives some excellent insight to his background from his then-partner, and an overview of the facts and timeline. I consider this podcast to be MSM in that it exercises investigative journalism to the same and usually higher standard than most online news outlets. I don't know if WS does though, so will use letters to identify G's travel partner. I've summarized below in hopes of getting some involvement here and hopefully some movement on the case:


    George Sandoval vanished on Sunday, June 21, 2015 from the M Resort in Henderson, Nevada. The last known sighting is on surveillance footage showing George in an elevator around 4:30AM, with the last contact being a text message reply sometime between 10-11AM.

    George's Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MayaWindRida

    NamUS: https://www.findthemissing.org/en/cases/33254/0/

    Electric Daisy Carnival info https://www.vegas.com/edc/

    A review with photos of the M Resort from the time George disappeared: https://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowUser...on_Nevada.html



    T and G met in Florida years ago and began a relationship. T is former military.
    G is bi-polar and self medicates with marijuana - no treatment/scrips. History of drug abuse.
    G would get violent/belligerent, but never serious enough to call police or break up etc. Usually when sober or unable to get pot.
    After they had been living together for a year or so, major fight involving police, then temp separation where T moved back to Alabama where he is from.
    They kept in touch and had an LDR for 3 years visiting each other and going on vacations etc.
    During this time, T notice G was becoming more unstable, paranoid.
    On a trip back to Florida to visit G, T found evidence of more extreme drug use “while doing some cooking one night." Later confronted G and understood there was intravenous drug use.

    This lead to G losing his job and apartment. It was the first week of June 2015,when G moved to Alabama to get back together with T to deal with his depression and to get clean. *

    Things were going well, according to T their mutual friends were also saying G said he was happy with the choice.

    *FB comments indicate (some) friends didn’t even know he left.


    J and G became friends in Florida during the time T and G were separated. J later tells T he and G had a brief relationship but he broke it off because G was always comparing him to T.
    J and G rendevouz'd in Los Angeles and travelled to Las Vegas together prior to G going missing and was the last person to see him.

    Days leading up to disappearance

    Tuesday June 16

    T dropped G off at the bus station where he would depart to Orlando to spend a few days with a mutual friend (we'll call her Jo) before G would go to Los Angeles to visit family and then proceed to Las Vegas to attend the EDC music festival where he would be staying at the M resort in nearby Henderson. He was to return the 29th via flight from Las Vegas to New Orleans. It was the last time T saw G.

    Friday June 19

    G checks in on FB at the M Resort

    They talked almost every day up to Sat. the 20th. T thought he was a little erratic during most conversations. On their last phone call on the 20th, G was distant and mentioned slamming (heroin use) which T didn't understand the meaning of at the time. T spoke with Jo ** and discovered G was in NV with J. He admits to being jealous.

    ** He does not say when

    Saturday June 20

    According to J***, he last saw G sitting on a hotel couch mumbling to himself with earbuds in and said something about a Megabus ticket.
    Then, J and G got in argument about T after which J says he went to his room to sleep around midnight.
    G was to meet J at 6am and they would proceed to the EDC festival in Las Vegas, but G wasn't in his hotel room.
    J said he tried to contact G but couldn't get ahold of him.

    G's belongings were left in the room except his phone and ID, including the phone charger.

    ***J has changed his story several times. According to T, he only began telling one consistent story a few months ago - I assume this is that version.

    Sunday June 21

    LE was able to obtain video from M resort of G on an elevator at 4:30AM****, but does not indicate which one, which direction it is going or what floor G exited. There is no indication G ever left the hotel.

    Later that morning between 10-11am G received some texts from Jo which he responded to. T says he doesn't believe there was anything unusual or uncharacteristic about the replies. Jo responded to that reply, and never got a response. This is the last activity on the phone.

    During this timeframe he also made his last post on FB.

    T didn't call G but his family did and couldn't get ahold of him.

    That evening at 6:58pm, there was a call to G's phone from J that was not answered. At the same exact time, there was a small amount of data used by G's phone, according to G's call records.

    These same call records show this is the only call from J - he never tried to contact G after that either, but he did make this Facebook post, which has since been deleted from his page (transcribed - T has screenshot of original):

    FYI phone number changed if you have my current number. phone was stolen in vegas, imagine that. I may not get another T-Mobile so I'm on a prepay until I decide what to do.

    All SM stops. G was a prolific and avid user of SM so this was unusual.

    Monday the 22nd

    T, friends, and family tried to get in touch with G but was not getting through and became concerned as calls kept going to VM.

    Tuesday the 23rd

    Jo called T to ask if he had heard from G, no one could seem to reach him and they were worried. T began calling constantly with no luck.

    "A few days later"

    After going back and forth with family and mutual friends, T finally called Henderson PD to report G missing. LE called G's mom, then filed an official report.

    Monday June 29

    T drove to New Orleans to pick up G from the airport but he never arrived. LE confirmed he never refunded the ticket.

    Tuesday June 30

    J checked out of the hotel, packed all of G's stuff, brought it back to Los Angeles and dropped it off with G's mom and told her he didn't know where G was.

    During his drive to L.A. he also posted a cryptic Facebook message with a photo of the Whiskey Pete's Casino

    Making my way back to L.A. minus my wingman. He said he would Megabus back if needed. This really has been a Las VegAs adventure.

    In the pic, letters on a sign below the Casino sign say "Get even before leaving"

    This post was also deleted later. The original screenshot is on the podcast page and also shared to G's Facebook by T.

    J then went back to Georgia and never called anyone else to ask about G or report him missing etc.


    T and a friend figured out G's password to access his FB and phone records via the ATT website. These records show T was last person G actually spoke with via the phone that Sat evening for 10 mins up to the Sunday morning text message response.


    Hotel told LE they recycle tapes as an excuse for why there is no footage of him (except for the elevator). T questions how this resort lacks camera coverage, or why they only have footage from the elevator, and why that is the only footage not recycled.

    Early reports and media attention

    There was basically nothing but the LE press releases. T believes this is due to G being a hispanic gay male in his 30s with a history of drug use and did not take the case seriously enough.

    In this original article, he was reportedly last seen on Las Vegas Blvd at 10pm June 21 (doesn't say how) http://www.fox5vegas.com/story/29674...n-in-henderson

    2016 reports all say 4:30AM on hotel footage.


    According to T, LE reassigned the case to a new detective only a couple weeks in. They showed poor communication, did not ask T enough questions or suspect foul play as they do now. They did not question him or G's family members and took weeks to confirm receipt of their statements. T offered them access to all of G's social media accounts and copies of phone records but they waited another month to get a warrant for limited phone record info (he doesn't indicate what kind of records) T sent them screenshots and comment conversations from J's Facebook which he had deleted. According to T, they only questioned J once. J has not shared missing posters, or been involved with searches, campaigns or expressed concern or worry over G. T says in the interview that G changed his story, would get overly defensive on SM on discussions about G's disappearance, and would say things like should just kill myself". He allegedly hit on T and offered to come to Alabama to "get to know him better" in the aftermath.

    According to T, 6 months ago LE told the family that G had been arrested in Sedona under an assumed name (based on fingerprint matching), but then retracted it after comparing photos and realizing it wasn't the same guy.

    G only had cash with him - his debit card was back in Alabama, he had no credit cards. Megabus only takes credit cards on their website - LE claims they have confirmed no Megabus ticket was purchased for or by George.

    Searches and Tips

    There is a park and nature path behind the hotel T believes G may have walked and been vulnerable due to state of mind, possible intoxication and having his earbuds in. The current detective on the case told him it was searched.

    T doesn't know if the hotel room was processed as a crime scene (and I'm not sure if he knows for a fact if it was two rooms or one...)
    He also doesn't know if the rental car they had was processed.

    The podcast host, Monica, contacted the detective to ask but he would only speak with her in person (so not possible to get the info as she is on the East Coast)

    T reached out via various sites and dating apps to locate known associates and ask for info and followed everything he could, nothing panned out.


    Foul Play

    T believes J knows what happened, or did it. He and the family do not believe G walked away with no contact - totally out of character and near impossible without help. His (in)actions after, lack of emotion and changing stories support possible guilt, and he had ample motive and opportunity.

    G also could have met with unrelated foul play. Is the hotel covering something up with the lack of footage? Is someone there involved or a witness?
    The hotel had a big organizational change just before this happened - could it just be covering their own butts? http://vegasinc.com/business/gaming/...cana-m-resort/

    The festival itself is a hunting ground for creeps. Anything could have happened. Did he ever make it there? Was there some trace of his tickets or band being scanned? Photos of the event should be checked for any trace of him.


    T characterizes J as an enabler and said he would encourage drug use and may have provided drugs.
    G made comments to T about "slamming" on his last phone call.
    The EDC festival is essentially a huge rave, so there easily could have been a mixture of drugs involved.

    That's all I can muster tonight. Happy sleuthing.

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    Thank you for the well summarized version of this case.
    I did hear the podcast a few weeks ago.
    Interesting case and I'm surprised there is no other activity on this thread too.

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    I can't believe that M Resort has no video. I find that difficult to believe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JadeSLeuth View Post
    I can't believe that M Resort has no video. I find that difficult to believe.
    Every inch of the casinos is covered by video. The hotels, not so much...


    People have a false sense of safety when they go to a casino, security consultant Fred Del Marva said. You think, `Im going to Bellagio, they have 2,000 surveillance cameras, so Im going to be safe. And youre wrong. The level of security at the hotel level is zero.

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    I really believe he is buried in the desert somewhere right near the hotel. I wish the local police cared more about solving his case. Such a shame :/

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