What many students feared was an abduction on South Campus Tuesday night turned out to be an initiation rite for a Northwestern organization, University Police said.

A student told police she heard someone shout “Put your hands on the ATM!” at the U.S. Bank ATM on the 600 block of University Place at about 10:45 p.m, Assistant Chief Daniel McAleer of UP said. She then told police that she saw two people lead two others away from the ATM. They placed them in a car parked outside her window on the north side of the street, McAleer said.

Five male students involved in the incident have been referred to Student Affairs, McAleer said. He declined to say which student organization was involved in this incident.

While police were talking to witnesses later in the evening, they were approached by a female student who said her friend and several others staged the abduction as part of an initiation rite for a student organization, McAleer said.

The student referred police to her friend. Then officers got in touch with five male students who admitted that they participated in the initiation, according to UP.

The students might face repercussions, McAleer said.