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    IA - Shirley Carter, 68, shot to death, Lacona, 19 June 2015 *Arrest*

    From July:


    Shirley Carter, 68, was found shot to death at her home at 132 Perry Street in rural Lacona about 17 miles southwest of Knoxville on June 19.

    Marion County Sheriff Jason Sandholdt said Carter was shot with a rifle, according to the autopsy report...

    Law enforcement... would also like to speak with any individual that has been approached to either purchase or take possession of a rifle in and around Marion County or surrounding communities since June 19.


    Bill and Shirley Carter made a lifetime of memories at their home in Lacona. Up until the day the 68-year-old was shot to death on June 19, 2015...

    Almost a year later, Carter admits that he has given up hope there will be "Justice for Shirley"...

    Carter claims his own son killed his wife. Earlier this year, he and his two other children filed a wrongful death suit alleging Jason Carter is responsible for their wife and mother's death.

    Jason Carter's attorney called the claims made in the civil suit "outrageous."

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    A trial date has been set in a wrongful death lawsuit, in which a Marion County father accuses his son of killing his own mother...

    The trial is scheduled to begin December 4th.

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    Shirley Carter was shot and killed in her home near Lacona on June 19th, 2015. Bill Carter, husband of Shirley, accuses son Jason of committing the murder, and Jason says his father did it.


    In his opening statement Tuesday, the attorney for Bill Carter told the jury that he would show the audience that Jason Carter lived a reckless lifestyle, had at least one affair, was deeply in debt, and allegedly killed Shirley Carter to gain access to his parent’s approximately $10 million dollars in assets.

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    The acrimony in the Carter family was so severe that before the trial, the two sides jointly asked for increased security in the courtroom during the trial, citing concern "that tensions may be high enough to lead to confrontations between plaintiffs’ supporters and defendant’s supporters."

    The NBC newsmagazine program "Dateline" is covering the trial.


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    Jason Carter was arrested Sunday and charged with first degree murder. My heart breaks for his wife and kids.


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    Two days earlier, a jury — after hearing from dozens of witnesses and viewing scores of documents and photographs — decided Carter owed his family $10 million because he was responsible for Shirley Carter's death.

    investigators and attorneys, during the trial and after the verdict, reviewed thousands of hours of interviews and other evidence collected during the past 2½ years. The criminal complaint says investigators found evidence of a staged burglary inside the Carter home after Shirley was killed and Jason called 911. The state of the home was one of several points of emphasis for plaintiffs in the civil trial. Attorneys argued that Jason Carter was in financial trouble and hoped to inherit his parents' estate.


    Carter was under surveillance when he stopped at a service station Sunday afternoon and authorities moved to take him into custody. Carter was due to appear in Marion County District Court later Monday morning. His attorney said Sunday that he denies killing his mother.

    Shirley Carter's husband plans a news conference on Tuesday to discuss developments in the case.

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    Jason Carter Pleads Not Guilty to Mother’s Murder, Waives Speedy Trial

    The case gained national attention and will be the focus of Friday’s Dateline on NBC. The episode titled “The Farm” airs at 9:00 p.m. and examines how the crime divided the family.


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    'Dateline NBC' explores killing of Shirley Carter, civil trial and son Jason's arrest


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