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    Puerto Rico - Maurice Spagnoletti, 56, San Juan, 15 June 2011


    Five years ago, Maurice J. Spagnoletti—a well-known executive in New Jersey banking circles recruited to turn around a troubled financial institution in Puerto Rico—left his office in San Juan and headed to his beachfront condo. He never made it home.

    As he sat in traffic approaching the Minillas Tunnel on one of San Juan's busiest roads, police said another car pulled alongside his and a series of shots rang out. Spagnoletti's car veered off the road and into a guardrail, where police found him dead—hit by at least three bullets to the head. Nothing was stolen, including the expensive Rolex watch on his wrist. No one was ever arrested...

    Police have long said they believed the killing was professionally orchestrated.

    The Federal Bureau of Investigation has identified possible suspects in its long-running investigation into the murder of a banker in Puerto Rico, but it is now asking the public for help in solving the 2011 killing.

    Five years ago this week, Maurice Spagnoletti, a top executive at Doral Financial, the holding company that owned a Puerto Rico bank, was gunned down on his way home from work in San Juan.

    The F.B.I. announced on Tuesday a $20,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest and began advertising the reward on billboards across Puerto Rico.

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    Feature article:


    Today, almost everyone in San Juan banking circles has a theory about the murder. Some believe only Colombian hit men could pull off such an assassination. Others say Spagnoletti had enemies in the U.S. who caught up with him. His widow, Marisa, revealed her own theory in a 2013 lawsuit: She said he was killed because he uncovered fraud at the bank and fired an executive he suspected of embezzlement. Doral’s lawyers called her claims ridiculous, and after Marisa admitted in a deposition that she had no evidence, she withdrew the suit.

    Since then, new details of the killing have emerged. And according to former Doral executives and people working on the criminal investigation, the widow was onto something. “Let’s use our common sense for a second,” says María Domínguez, who was in charge of an investigation into Doral as first assistant U.S. attorney in San Juan until she retired last year. “This guy was brought by the bank to put the house in order. He starts uncovering certain things that are irregular at the bank. He starts to take corrective action. These circumstances strongly suggest a financial motive to get this guy out of the way.”

    But this wasn’t the usual Puerto Rican corruption. The real story of Maurice Spagnoletti’s murder may be more bizarre than anyone knew...

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