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    kpdx is offline Jane Doe was discovered Aug. 14, 1977 outside of Everett WA
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    VA - Richmond, BlkMale Skeletal UP903, 34-68, found by dog, Oct'95


    This is pretty interesting. Over 220 files of UIDs, but I only found 124 in the whole state in NAMUS. I love that LE emphasizes the importance of NAMUS, though.

    Here is the text:

    They are among 220 sets of remains that Virginia's chief medical examiner hopes to put names to in an initiative seeking the public's help.

    "We have skeletal remains that go back to 1960s still archived in our offices, waiting for somebody to come forward and to be able to identify these folks and return them to their loved ones," said Dr. Leah Bush, the chief medical examiner...

    In the three cases unveiled Monday, skulls were available and were used by the FBI's Forensic Anthropology Program in Quantico to make busts to approximate what the men looked like. Bush said the FBI is not charging them for the busts.

    Details on the unidentified Richmond men include:

    A middle-aged black male, approximately 5 feet 9 inches tall. Police found the remains on Oct. 23, 1995, on an urban farm in the 4200 block of Angus Road...

    "Up until now, we've had skeletal remains only. To put a name with the face would be huge," said Douglas L. Barton, a Richmond police detective in the major crimes unit.

    here is a broadcast story, too: http://www.nbc12.com/story/17139322/...investigations
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    Recons from NamUs https://identifyus.org/en/cases/903


    Roland Anderson 1953 Oregon
    Brian Andrewin 1978 Illinois
    Jerry Armstrong 1960 Mississippi
    VINCENT ARTHURS 1941 Florida
    Bob Austin 1975 Louisiana
    Johnny Babino 1976 Louisiana
    Albert Baker 1954 Florida
    Michael Bennett 1975 Georgia
    Allen Briscoe 1969 Pennsylvania
    William Brooks, Jr. 1975 Maryland
    Don Brown 1954 California
    Farrika Brown 1976 South Carolina
    Louis Burke 1974 California
    Samuel Byrd 1958 Connecticut
    Charles Calhoun 1968 Michigan
    Charles Campbell 1971 California
    JOHNNY CAMPBELL 1938 Florida
    VICTOR COLEMAN 1953 Florida
    James Craven 1930 North Carolina
    William Crawford 1928 California
    Jeffery Crider 1959 California
    Herbert Cropper 1931 New Jersey
    JEFFREY DASH 1969 Connecticut
    Byron Davis 1939 Missouri
    lloyd dawney 1936 Texas
    William Delk 1964 New York
    Dwayne Dockins 1958 Oklahoma
    Richard Dyer 1953 Virginia
    Ernest Edmonds 1953 Pennsylvania
    Joseph Edwards 1939 Louisiana
    Clarence Eugene 1927 California
    Charles Fletcher 1920 Pennsylvania
    WILLIAM FORSHEE SR 1925 Florida
    William Forshee, Jr 1955 Florida
    Frank Frazier 1971 Texas
    LEE FULTON 1934 Florida
    Richard Gary Jr. 1936 South Carolina
    Anthony Grandberry 1960 Oregon
    Raymond Green 1978 Georgia
    Charlie Hall 1966 Tennessee
    William Hamilton 1939 Kentucky
    Bernard Hanson 1931 New York
    Mario Harrington 1950 New Jersey
    Joe Hill 1952 Michigan
    Maurice Jefferson 1967 Florida
    Leonard Johnson Jr 1950 New York
    Michael Judds 1974 New Jersey
    Willie Kornegay 1955 North Carolina
    Anthony Lofston 1973 Indiana
    Oliver Munson 1944 Maryland
    Byron Page 1974 California
    Reginald Pierce 1961 Illinois
    Bobby Robinson 1954 North Carolina
    William Robinson 1944 Pennsylvania
    Ronald Ross 1955 North Carolina
    Clifford Sharp 1963 Tennessee
    Clarence Smith, Sr. 1928 Louisiana
    Marcus Tate 1960 Tennessee
    John Tensley 1951 Arkansas
    Myron Traylor 1974 Arizona
    Anthony Turner 1977 Virginia
    Kenneth Watters 1961 Kentucky
    Donnell White 1976 Ohio
    David Williams 1968 Michigan
    Jonathan Williams 1966 Missouri
    Maurice Wing 1955 Maryland
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