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    VA - James City Co., Asian/HispMale UP9385, 25-60, along York River, Nov'76


    Virginia officials are asking the public to help them identify skeletal remains.

    Chief Medical Examiner William Gormley on Tuesday unveiled facial models of eight people who were found dead in central Virginia and have never been identified.

    Gormley says three of the sets of remains were found at separate locations and times in Stafford County. Two of the individuals were discovered in Caroline County and one was found in Henrico County. The remaining two were located in James City County and York County.

    The facial approximations are of five men and three women. Their remains were discovered between 1972 and 2014.

    Gormley is encouraging anyone who may be able to identify the individuals to contact his office.

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    C1976-00008, NamUs #9385: James City County – On November 1, 1976, the remains of a male of mixed ancestry (Asian, Hispanic and Native American) were found along the bank of the York River approximately 10 miles south of West Point in James City County. He is believed to have been 25-60 years of age.
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    NamUs lists him as 30-50, with an estimated postmortem interval of 10 years (probable year of death listed as 1966-1971) found in the York River in Williamsburg.

    This is the facial reconstruction given:

    90 rule outs (including duplicates):

    Timothy Aamoth 1948 Oregon
    Paul Allard 1962 Florida
    Matt Amon 1951 Idaho
    Orin Anderson 1956 Wisconsin
    Steven Anderson 1957 New Jersey
    William Arnold 1942 Nebraska
    Steve Arrowood 1956 North Carolina
    John Ashley, Jr. 1953 Delaware
    Mark Bachelder 1957 Texas
    David Bacon 1946 New York
    Gerald Bartlett 1903 North Dakota
    Anthony Bergolio 1958 Alaska
    Francis Cantea 1955 Washington
    Rogelio Cerda 1959 Texas
    Marvin Clark Unknown Oregon
    Bobby Clyatt 1942 Florida
    Tony Collier 1950 Washington
    Arthur Collins 1949 Michigan
    Jimmy Collins 1951 Michigan
    John Corbett 1937 New York
    Donald Curtiss 1951 Arizona
    Noel Davis Unknown Nevada
    Roger Day 1958 Maine
    John Deeny 1953 Minnesota
    Joseph Edwards 1939 Louisiana
    James Egan 1954 Wisconsin
    William Ellis 1932 Maryland
    Robert Fisher 1950 Texas
    Charles Fletcher 1920 Pennsylvania
    WILLIAM FORSHEE SR 1925 Florida
    William Forshee, Jr 1955 Florida
    Michael Gaughan 1957 Texas
    John Green Unknown Idaho
    Eugene Grice 1930 North Carolina
    Michael Griffin 1939 California
    Alfred Grimes 1954 California
    Juan Guzman 1937 California
    JOHN HEFLIN 1944 Mississippi
    Usbaldo Hernandez 1924 California
    Johnnie Herrera 1951 California
    Daniel Hoffer 1955 California
    Alex Inga, Jr. 1956 Alaska
    Reed Jeppson 1949 Utah
    Frank Johnson 1944 Utah
    Leonard Johnson Jr 1950 New York
    Charles Jones Unknown California
    Danny Jones 1959 Texas
    William Leach 1926 California
    Andy Lepley 1957 Colorado
    Robert Linder 1945 Illinois
    Gary Locklear 1958 South Carolina
    Paul Love 1925 Illinois
    Roger Madison 1953 California
    Phillip Malchow 1915 Wisconsin
    Edward Maps Unknown Pennsylvania
    Alvin Matlock 1930 Washington
    John McMinn 1950 Hawaii
    Max Metcalf 1925 Wisconsin
    Thomas Meuse 1956 New York
    Joe Miller Unknown Nebraska
    Phillip Montoya 1959 California
    Clarence Moore 1930 Kansas
    Rudy Morales 1944 Arizona
    Gary Mullinax 1954 Arkansas
    Sigmund Myers Unknown Oregon
    Robert Newborg 1947 Colorado
    Darrel Nichols 1953 Utah
    Warren Niederfringer 1948 Connecticut
    Brian Page 1958 Oregon
    Robert Parks 1961 Arizona
    Frank Passafiume 1948 New York
    Daniel Poirier 1949 Massachusetts
    Norman Prater 1956 Texas
    Lawrence Rediess 1928 Texas
    Jimmy Robinson 1955 Oklahoma
    Claude Shelton 1934 Kentucky
    Evan Snider 1942 California
    Joseph Spears 1956 Mississippi
    James Stanley 1949 Ohio
    Duane Talmon 1958 New York
    Ronald Tammen 1933 Ohio
    Wayne Thompson 1944 Nebraska
    Rudy Victor 1953 Colorado
    David Waggoner 1947 Texas
    John Wagner 1951 Missouri
    Mitchel Weiser 1956 New York
    Charles Wellner 1945 Alaska
    Christopher Wells 1956 Washington
    Harvey Whitacre 1926 New Mexico
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    With Asian, Hispanic, and Native American heritage California seems like a likely origin possibility, based purely on past demographics and population numbers. Most Asian immigrants arrived in the US after 1965, when immigration laws were opened back up. Before this, Asian Americans were much less of the total population and there were more ethnic enclaves.

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