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    GA - Lori Washington, 25, Greenville, 3 July 1997

    There's not much information available in this case. Lori was last seen leaving her residence on the evening of July 3rd 1997. She hasn't been seen since then. Investigators received a tip recently and were searching a well in hopes of locating her remains but nothing was discovered. They would not confirm that the tip was in relation to this case but the family believes it is.


    Tip regarding missing person leads police to well

    Fulton County police say a credible tip has given new life to a nearly 20-year-old missing person case.

    Investigators spent Wednesday digging in and around a well on Rivertown Road in a rural part of Fairburn.

    Police say three weeks ago someone walked into their department and told them the remains of a missing Meriwether County woman were inside a well on the property.
    Officials suspend search in 1997 missing person case

    Washington’s family told Channel 2 Action News the tip would’ve brought closure. Washington’s nephew, Timothy Autry, told Channel 2 the tip “sent cold chills down (his) spine.”

    Autry said he’s not sure what happened, just that when the family woke up one day that Washington was gone. He told Channel 2 the tip about the well didn’t surprise him.

    “That address, there’s people who used to hang out with her that lived at that address,” he said. “So, someone knows about that place and that well.”

    Autry told Channel 2 he still wants answers for his aunt’s death. “I just want to know why and who.”

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    Yes, information on this sure IS scarce. Not even a picture on NAMUS, either.

    Gotta wonder if there's not SOMETHING from that tip that will end this search one day. Tipster may have really thought the info was correct -- maybe it will lead to some that actually is, somehow.

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    GA - Lori Denise Washington, 25, Greenville, 3 July 1997

    Lori Denise Washington


    Age last seen: 25

    Age now: 46
    Race: White female
    Hair color: Brown
    Eyes Color: Blue
    Height: 65.0 to 67.0
    Weight: 170.0 to 180.0
    Clothing/Scars and Marks: scar
    Right Knee

    No photos disponible

    Lori left the residence at approximately 1930 hours and has not been seen since.
    Look at my profile you will find cases of unidentified people new to you! Ivan


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