The 20-year-old North Andover native and sophomore at Salem State College was last seen relaxing after a softball game with her team at Major Magleashes' pub an institution that still stands at 268 Washington St. on June 29, 1986. According to newspaper clippings from July 1986, she was given a ride back to the large yellow rooming house on Loring Street where she resided.

That's the last time Gravel would be seen alive...

On June 30, in the afternoon, Gravel's body was found off Route 128 in Beverly. Early reports of a severe beating were later contradicted, but the preliminary cause of death was strangulation, possibly with an instrument, which police never publicly identified.

The bar owner recalled to FOX25s Bob Ward that it was a regular Saturday night, and Gravel didn't seem to be having a problem with anyone.

What remains unknown is what happened after Gravel left the bar

There have been conflicting stories over the years about who she was with, and whether she got into a car.