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    TX Dallas Texas college says 2 of its officers hurt in attack

    A Texas community college says two of its officers were injured in the deadly attack on police during a protest in downtown Dallas.

    Dallas police previously said five officers were killed and seven officers and two civilians were hurt in the attack. Its number of wounded did not include any El Centro College officers.


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    While guarding an entrance at the downtown Dallas campus, Cpl. Shaw was shot under his vest during the fracas, which played out over several hours after the first shots rang out just before 9 p.m.

    Officer John Abbott attempted to save the life of DART officer Brent Thompson with lacerations on his leg caused by broken glass.

    Abbott is recovering at home.


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    Is the other thread on the Dallas shooting going to open back up? Or is there a new one? And that brings the count of injured/deceased up to 14 now right?
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    It was supposed to be opened back up Monday. Don't know what happened.

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    The biggest LE mass murder since 9/11 and we don't have a thread. Maybe they forgot.

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    It's sad that the police thread still closed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JLSChook View Post
    The biggest LE mass murder since 9/11 and we don't have a thread. Maybe they forgot.

    Likely not, but I'm only guessing. It may just have been a "potato too hot to handle". This is purely speculation on my part.

    If we can't be nice to each other here on WS, it's no wonder there are so many problems in the world at large. Personally, I didn't see any offensive posts on the other thread, but apparently there were or it would not have been taken down. In times past I've seen mods repeat warnings like a broken record & still people on the threads keep on pushing the envelope like a 4 or 5 year old does his/her parents. It's sad that a few ruin something for many.
    Any of my comments are IMO,JMO, or MOO.

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