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    Canada - Toronto, Male, ~42, homeless, shot by police, Jun'16


    In Wednesday’s news release, the Special Investigations Unit says names associated with the man include John Doe, Roy Norman, Chung Nu, and Jonathan Grant. The names were provided by agencies he had contact with in the past, the SIU spokesman said in an email.

    A previous news release also identified the man as being 42 years old.

    The man was shot by police on June 17.

    That morning, several police officers, including members of the emergency task force, tried to arrest the man along the rail corridor between Weston Rd. and Highway 400 for trespassing.

    There was a “confrontation” and police fired both a Glock pistol and a Taser. The man was pronounced dead at the scene.

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    On Tuesday, strangers gathered to honour the man’s life at the Toronto Homeless Memorial next to the Church of the Holy Trinity near Eaton Centre. No one at the memorial seemed to know the man’s name or history.

    “It’s still important to recognize that these were people who had families, maybe lost contact with families and have been living on the streets,” said Vivian Harrower, a volunteer at Holy Trinity for 30 years said Tuesday. “They need to be recognized as human beings, too.”

    Anyone with information about the man is asked to call the lead investigator at 1-800-787-8529.

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    Several cases of uid persons found in Toronto are referenced in this article.
    By Jackie Hong
    Aug. 6, 2016
    What happens to the unidentified dead?

    The identities of hundreds of people who have died in Ontario since the '60s remain a mystery.

    Ray Norman.

    Chung Nu.

    Jonathan Grant.

    One of them, or maybe none of them, could be the name of the reportedly homeless man shot dead by Toronto police in June.

    He might have been 42. He might have lived in a makeshift camp set up by the train tracks where the fatal encounter happened.

    The Special Investigations Unit released three photos of him, “provided by agencies and organizations he had contact with in the past,” but still, his true identity remains murky.

    Dead and without a name. But not alone.

    This John Doe is one among hundreds of people who have died in the province since the 1960s whose identities remain a mystery.

    According to a database of missing people and unidentified remains compiled by the Ontario Provincial Police, authorities are still trying to identify at least 371 John and Jane Does who were found dead between 1964 and 2015 . Fifty of those people were found in Toronto; all but two were male.

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    July 12 2017
    John Doe had a history of violence against officers
    The SIU was never able to identify this man who was killed by Toronto police last year. (SIU Handout)

    No one knew John Doe.

    Not his real name, not his birthday, not where he came from. More than a year after Doe ambushed Toronto police officers with a kitchen knife in a dusty rail corridor in North York, leading one of them to fatally shoot him, all investigators can say is that he was a sex offender with a violent past.
    This wasn’t the SIU’s first brush with John Doe, who also went by the aliases of Roy Norman, Chung Nu and Jonathan Grant. His true identity has remained a mystery to law enforcement for as long as they’ve known him.
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    ‘Someone must know’: anonymous man shot by police confounded the justice system

    John Doe had a history of pedophilia and violence against police, but investigators were never able to uncover his true identity.

    John Doe was the ghost who haunted Ontario’s legal system for 14 years.

    No one knows anything about his life before his first run-in with police at an Ontario library in 2003. No one knows his real name or birthday.
    “Mr. Doe is an enigma,” wrote Justice Gary Trotter in a 2011 judgment assessing the man’s fitness to stand trial. “Apart from his mounting criminal record, little else is known about Mr. Doe.”

    Doe had a long history of pedophilia, violence against police and disobeying every legal order he was ever given, according to Trotter’s judgment. The same document notes Doe was selectively mute, refusing to reveal anything about himself to anyone.

    Was he Roy Norman, who was caught stealing from a Goodwill donation box in 2007? Though he told officers he was 16, they suspected he was closer to 30, court documents said.

    Or was he Chung Nu or Jonathan Grant, two other aliases police say he used?

    Toronto police identified Doe by his fingerprints through various arrests and incarcerations, according to Trotter’s judgment.

    Toronto police Const. Jenifferjit Sidhu said it would generally be remarkable for anyone to remain anonymous to the law for so long.
    In 2003, Doe repeatedly tried to approach a 15-year-old girl working at a library and grabbed her hand, according to court documents.

    “You cannot talk to me this way. You’re a woman. You cannot talk until I’m finished,” Doe reportedly told the girl.

    A “violent struggle ensued” when police tried to arrest him, the 2011 judgment noted.

    A month later, Doe was convicted of sexual assault after trying to kiss a 13-year-old boy on the lips.
    An SIU map of the scene shows a makeshift shelter and a woodpile in a clearing west of the tracks. The 2011 court documents say Doe had once kept a collection of foodstuffs and cooking equipment there, according to one railway police officer.

    “Interestingly, the officer reported that Mr. Doe appeared be healthy and in relatively good hygiene for a transient person,” Trotter wrote.
    “Someone must know who he is,” Irvine, Doe’s former lawyer, mused Thursday. “It’s been a mystery.”

    Emma McIntosh can be reached at emcintosh@thestar.ca .
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