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    TX - Boi Sang, 2, dies in hot car, Dallas, 24 July 2016

    July 25, 2016
    6:47 EST

    Dallas police said today they were still investigating the death of a 2-year-old boy who had been left in a hot car as his family attended church this weekend.

    According to police, officers responded to a call from Dallas Fire-Rescue on Sunday around 4:20 p.m. regarding the toddler, who had been found inside of a vehicle at 11000 Shiloh Rd.

    "The child was transported to a local hospital where the child was pronounced deceased," police spokesman Carlos Almeida said.

    Almeida said it was "an active investigation" and no further details were available.

    According to the local weather report, temperatures in the area reached 100 degrees Sunday.



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    Man, oh, man. Again.
    Sad, sad, sad.
    RIP little one.

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    Reng Om with Dallas Matu Christian Church told News 8 the father of the child noticed his son was not in a children's bible service.

    "He didn't see him," Om said.

    Om says the father went out and found the child still inside the family' 2006 Honda Pilot. It was 98 degrees at 3 p.m. in Dallas.

    Om says he was inside the church when he saw the father walk inside the sanctuary holding his son in his arms. The child was unresponsive.


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    RIP little one. Another precious little one gone way to soon.

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    When will people ever learn? THESE PEOPLE MAKE ME SICK!!!!!

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    July 26, 2016
    6:47 pm

    Watching world news, looking like GMC/newer cars are making vehicles with a device that alerts for this reason.

    I hope all cars follow this.

    Just so sad for the baby 😭

    jmo. 🐮

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    July 26, 2016
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    New automaker technology could prevent hot car deaths

    With the temperature hovering around 100 degrees, a family's trip to church Sunday turned deadly in Dallas, Texas.

    A three-year-old was apparently forgotten, left inside the family's vehicle in the parking lot. He died.

    •4-year-old Pennsylvania girl left in hot car dies

    •Toddler fights for life after being left in hot car in Alabama

    So far this year, at least 23 children in 14 states have died after being left in hot cars. That's more than double this time last year.

    "If you don't think something like this can happen to you, you're wrong," said Reggie McKinnon.

    His 17-month-old daughter Payton died after he forgot she was in the back seat. He'd taken her from a doctor's appointment and driven back to work. His office was just a block from her daycare.

    "When I opened the back door to the vehicle, that's the moment that my life and my family's life changed forever. I found Payton, still in her car seat."

    The interior of a car can heat up fast, adding two degrees a minute. Child heat stroke in cars can happen when the outdoor temperature is as low as 57 degrees.


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    Do people ever forget their kids in sub freezing temperatures? I've never heard of a kid getting left behind except in the summer.
    I suppose hypothermia is much slower than heat related problems.

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