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    Trending: Youtube Star Marina Joyce

    This has been a huge buzz around Youtube, Twitter, IG, and FB. She has 600K subs on youtube and has suddenly started uploading unnerving videos. In one of the videos there is a shotgun in the corner. She seems nervous and looks off to the side a lot. In her latest video, she is trying on dresses and you can hear her say, "Help me" while she is twirling. She has bruises all over her body. Her fans are concerned because she isn't acting the same and doesn't look the same. Here is a link with some information. Apparently this started a few months ago.
    What you're dealing with is a horrendous crime. Three young boys murdered in cold blood. Just that alone upsets people. You look at the bodies and there are these savage injuries all over. It affects people emotionally and warps their judgement and then someone says, "Maybe it's satanic."

    And they say, "Well the only type of person who would do this would be someone like that."

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    much ado....


    The strange case of Marina Joyce and internet hysteria
    Witch hunts and panic among communities are nothing new,
    but what happens when cyberspace intensifies the frenzy?

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