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    Greenland - Romeo Cheung, 27, Sisimiut, 14 July 2016

    London investment banker missing for 12 days on solo adventure holiday in Greenland after telling his family he was going on a helicopter glacier tour

    A hunt has been launched for a London investment banker who has been missing in Greenland for 12 days after telling his family he was going on a helicopter glacier tour.

    Romeo Cheung was last seen on July 14, and was supposed to be returning to the UK on July 17 - but never arrived.

    The Imperial College graduate, 27, was on a ten day solo adventure around the Arctic country, during which he planned to walk the 100 mile trail between Sisimiut to Kangerlussuaq.

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    The Mail links to another report in the the South China Morning Post which seems to have some different information:

    Missing: Hong Kong maths whiz disappears during visit to Greenland
    Romeo Cheung Yat-wui, 27, who was working for the Royal Bank of Canada in London, started his trip on July 8 when he left for Iceland, and planned to return to London on July 17.

    The University of Hong Kong graduate flew to the city of Ilulissat in western Greenland on the same night but without his baggage, which was lost by the airline, according to a Facebook page set up by his friends.

    The page said Cheung had last been heard from when he called his family, shortly before joining a helicopter tour to visit glaciers.

    Greenland media said he was last seen on July 14 and police launched a search for him days later. As there was no report of any helicopter crash, it was assumed Cheung went missing while on a camping trip.

    I wonder how well prepared he was for a trek like that, physically mentally or in terms of equipment. The airline (which one - the one from the UK to Greenland or the one that took him to Ilulissat?) had apparently lost his luggage. If this included his tent and other hiking equipment, could he have hired replacements locally? Was the glacier tour part of his planned schedule or a filler activity while he waited for his baggage to turn up?

    The Mail's report makes it sound as though he went missing from Sisimiut, while the SCMP suggests he was (still?) in the Ilulissat area, so where exactly did he go missing from?

    Kangerlussuaq is directly west of Sisimiut but there seem to be a lot of bodies of water between the two points. Did he ever get to Sisimiut in the first place, and if so did he ever leave it?

    It's worth noting that Sisimiut is the second largest city in Greenland - with a population below 5,700 people. Kangerlussuaq has a population of 500 and there is effectively no human presence between the two other than other possible trekkers.

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