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    OR - Gavin Siscel, 33, stabbed to death, Marion County, 4 June 2013

    PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – A “Krude Rude Brood” gang member, who is accused of repeatedly stabbing an inmate in the eye with a shank, ultimately killing him; and using his gang’s torture chamber to attempt to kill two men will go on trial this week.

    The trial of David Ray Bartol is scheduled to start Monday [July 25, 2016] and will last through Aug. 5.
    Bartol has been in and out of detention centers since he was 15 years old, according to court documents. His first arrest came in 1989.

    According to prosecutors, Bartol is a member of the street and prison gang called “Krude Rude Brood.”
    Multnomah County Attempted Murders

    Bartol is charged with the attempted murder of two men, Nicholas Remington and Ron Murphy.
    Marion County Homicide Investigation

    Bartol is scheduled to go on trial in Marion County in September for the death of Gavin Siscel.

    Siscel died days after being attacked in June 2013 while inside the Marion County Jail.
    Much more:

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    Court documents show that Remington was stripped, tortured with a grinder, beaten with a baseball bat and injected with methamphetamine and heroin inside the shop. Afterward, Remington was dumped in the street less than a mile from the auto body shop, court documents state.

    When Remington was found, he was not breathing, court documents state. He was rushed to OHSU, where doctors placed him on a ventilator and treated him for a heroin overdose and serious head injury, court documents state.
    When he was being questioned by detectives with the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, Bartol told investigators that around Christmas 2012, he had killed Remington, court documents state. Bartol told a detective that Remington had “snitched” on him, so Bartol “put cigarettes out in his ear,” “duct taped him up,” and “poured gas on him,” court documents state.

    Bartol told investigators he had planned to shoot Remington, but Remington overdosed on the drugs “so he rolled him up in a blanket and dumped his body behind a business,” court documents state.
    Bartol is also facing a separate indictment that accuses him and three other men of multiple felonies as part of an ongoing white supremacy gang and shooting investigation. Police said the incident occurred Feb. 12, 2013 at the same auto body shop as the Dec. 21, 2012 incident.

    In that case, Bartol is accused of forcing the victim, identified by police as Ronald Murphy, into a spray booth inside the auto body shop. Inside, he was “tortured, robbed, beaten and shot twice before being dumped on Southeast Powell Boulevard.” Prosecutors, in court documents, claim Murphy almost died as a result of the injuries and has “serious permanent injuries.”

    During the questioning with MCSO, Bartol told investigators he was trying to get information out of Murphy and when he was unable, Bartol said he “blew his side out with a .380,” court documents state. Bartol said he attempted to shoot Murphy a second time because he thought he missed, court documents state.

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    Four men have been indicted with multiple felonies as part of an on-going white supremacy gang and shooting investigation, including one man who already is accused of killing an inmate in Marion County’s jail.

    Joseph Gerald Schwab, Michael Philip Donald O’Malley, Michael Newcomb and David Ray Bartol are each charged with two counts of attempted aggravated murder, two counts first-degree assault, four counts of first-degree kidnapping, two counts of first-degree robbery with a firearm, one count of second-degree robbery with a firearm, and two counts of unlawful use of a weapon with a firearm.

    Related stories from June 2016:

    The leader of the Krude Rude Brood gang was sentenced to 14 years in federal prison, court records show.

    David Corbit has been the subject of multiple state and federal investigations into subject drug and white supremacy gang activity.

    In Dec. 2013, authorities launched “Operation White Christmas.” It resulted in more than 60 gang-related suspects being charged in more than 40 federal indictments and 11 state court cases. Corbit was one of the last people charged and arrested as part of Operation White Christmas, according to court documents.

    Corbit, officials say, is the co-owner of an auto-shop called “Tom’s Auto” in Southeast Portland.
    Detectives say Corbit used the auto body shop as a place for his colleagues to hang out at and share and distribute meth.

    “Witnesses also revealed this shop could also be used as a place to torture persons who crossed Brood members the wrong way,” according to federal court documents.

    Federal and state prosecutors and Corbit's lawyers reached a global settlement that resulted in the sentence.

    The agreement covers a drug-trafficking case against Corbit in federal court and two cases in state court that accused Corbit of kidnapping and beating a man in December 2012 and shooting a man in May 2012 during a home invasion robbery.
    A nearly yearlong investigation of the gang turned up drug trafficking at the auto shop. Surveillance of the shop on May 31, 2013, for example, revealed a motorist stopped at the shop in the middle of the night. She claimed to agents that she was there to get her clutch fixed, but officers found a quarter pound of methamphetamine in the car's glove box, Bolstad said. Other cooperating witnesses told agents that Corbit had warned the driver that police were watching his shop and sent her away with the meth, Bolstad said.

    In federal court, Corbit pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine.
    Corbit will face five years of supervised release after he completes his prison time. He was also ordered to complete anger management counseling and not possess any alcohol, not associate with any known gang members and not enter any gambling facility.

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    From Tuesday:

    A former member of the gang Krude Rude Brood told a Portland jury Tuesday that fellow gang members kidnapped and tortured him, trying to remove one of his tattoos with a belt sander and injecting him in the neck with a life-threatening amount of heroin.
    Bartol's criminal history and the inmate death case led Multnomah County prosecutors to ask Judge Michael Greenlick to order that Bartol's ankles remain shackled during his trial in the Portland torture cases.
    The judge agreed to keep Bartol's ankles shackled, out of view of jurors.

    Three sheriff's deputies remained in the courtroom throughout Tuesday's proceedings and several other deputies wearing special tactical vests stood outside in the hallway.
    Others have been charged in the torture of Remington and Murphy. In the Remington case, another defendant was sentenced last month to 14 years in federal prison after pleading guilty for his role.
    In the Murphy case, three other defendants who took part all have pleaded guilty. Michael O. Newcomb was sentenced to 14 years. Joseph Gerald Schwab received about 13 years. Michael Philip Donald O'Malley will be sentenced next month.

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    After deliberating for 2 hours and 14 minutes, a jury unanimously convicted David Ray Bartol for trying to kill 2 men using a torture chamber from his gang, the Krude Rood Brood.

    For the last 2 weeks, Bartol has been on trial in Multnomah County Circuit Court for using his gang’s torture chamber in SE Portland to attempt to kill two men, Nicholas Remington and Ron Murphy in late 2012 and early 2013. As the verdict was read, Bartol remained seated with his hands clasped together. He showed no visible reaction.


    Sentencing is scheduled for September 6.

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    David Ray Bartol, the man who tried to kill two gang associates inside a torture chamber in Southeast Portland, will serve 55 years in prison.

    Bartol, though, is still facing a possible death sentence out of Marion County where prosecutors have charged him with aggravated murder after he stabbed an inmate in the eye. The inmate died several days later.

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    A Marion County jury sentenced a 45-year-old man and member of the Krude Rude Brood gang to death for fatally stabbing a fellow inmate while incarcerated in 2013.

    The jury delivered their verdict on Thursday at the Marion County Court house. The victim's family silently teared up as Judge Tracy Prall read the sentence aloud.

    In October, the jury found David Ray Bartol guilty of aggravated murder.

    Official sentencing is Nov 15

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