July 28, 2016

EUROPE on the edge: The New Normal

A new normal shrouds Europe now.

Questions we didn't ask last summer: What next? Where will I be? Who will l know? Is my life less safe?

The attacks in Belgium, France and Germany amplify anxieties over Brexit, Frexit, an unraveling of an order dictated by the European Union.

The fabric of cohesion offering peace, prosperity and security patiently woven over decades suddenly feels like a paper bag in a summer storm. Ready to rip.

As once D-Day landing ships disgorged allied liberators on Normandy's beaches rescuing Europe from Nazism's grim grasp, so today new nooses tighten -- radical Islam and rampant nationalism.

The ghastly execution of a priest in a Normandy church cinched the rope uncomfortably tighter.

The cord has been cutting deeper for a while now.

Charlie Hebdo, the November 13 Paris attacks, Brussels airport and metro, Nice.

The day before the murder of a French priest near Rouen, a rock concert in Germany was the target of a suicide bomber with allegiances to ISIS. Only the bomber dead, no disrespect for the injured but a moment where we might have breathed a little easier. It could have been so much worse.

The reality is: We were lucky, that was all.