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    Cat ran off with severed toe

    A cat ran off with its owners toe after he accidentally chopped it off and then left it on the floor while he called an ambulance.

    Udo Ried, 41, was slicing bread in his kitchen in Luebeck, Germany, when he dropped a large kitchen knife onto his bare foot, chopping off his second toe.

    While Ried was hopping to the bathroom to get a bandage and at the same time using his mobile phone to call emergency services, his cat Fritz pounced on the bloody toe and ran off with it into the garden.

    Ried tried to get the toe back but after a few minutes he was forced to abandon the search to seek medical attention.

    A spokesman for Luebeck hospital said they would have been able to reattach the toe if the cat had not stolen it.


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    No more kitty kisses for this cat!

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