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    Olympics: Rio less prepared than any host in history - worse than Athens 2004

    Brazilian society are ill-prepared for the threat of a terrorist attack like those in Munich in 1972 and Atlanta in 1996. ... lack experience with the issue and don’t have sufficient human and financial resources.

    Federal Police have arrested 12 suspects on charges of attempting to establish connections with the Islamic State

    inexperience with terrorism, firefighters, doctors, police officers and teachers often have to endure 10- to 30-day delays in receiving their salaries. ...is no money for basic supplies like gasoline for police cars.

    Brazilian police and intelligence services lack agents and specialists with expertise on how the Islamic State operates.

    security forces in Rio are incompetent," he said.
    "There's no training. You see a lot of police who are incapable of taking care of people."

    rising homicide rate in Rio de Janeiro. The government reported 2,100 murders from January to May

    hired a private company to screen the public for weapons at the sport facilities, but it was small and had no experience in large events and no trained personnel. Last week, Justice Minister Alexandre de Moraes canceled the contract,

    Great Britain kit bags go missing on arrival in Rio

    IOC statement also paraphrased Coates describing the Rio preparations as "the worst I have experienced"

    When a new elevated bike path in Rio collapsed in April

    risk of damaging their boats on the debris floating in the bay.

    body parts washing up on the shorewhere beach volleyball games

    toxically polluted bay that will host swimming and sailing events,

    and the
    skydivers who fell to their deaths trying to recreate the
    Olympic rings.

    worst recession the country has ever experienced

    difficult to complete the expensive infrastructure and logistical projects needed to host the Olympics.

    pollution in Rio’s waterways is serious--planned to spend $4 billion to clean up the polluted Guanabara Bay, where some events will be held; in the end, it spent just $170 million. viruses that could sicken athletes

    Australian sailing hope Mathew Belcher sick after competing in Guanabara Bay in May

    Striking police officers held a sign at the international airport reading, "Welcome to Hell … Whoever comes to Rio de Janeiro will not be safe."

    President Dilma Rousseff is facing an impeachment trial

    Zika virus has layered on yet another crisis. Brazil, and Rio de Janeiro in particular, has been hit harder than anywhere else in the world --165,000 Zika cases this year, nearly one-quarter of which have been in the state ofRio.

    Providing enough accommodation for the army of media and spectators that will descend on the city for the duration of the Games is also a worry

    "There is bureaucracy, there is little coordination between the federal, the state government and the city

    I think Rio is going to a disaster-death wise. while back cops were advertsing that they will not be able to protect people, one person was mugged a couple of days ago, and they found a bomb in a toolbox , had to blow it up, in the facility that hosts the opening tongiht

    The hospital designated as the one for any Olympic needs was assulated last week

    The subway line designed for the event will not have time to be tested , if it is even up

    Invitation to a mess............................







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