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    Monticello - HispMale, UP#13746, 20 - 30, drowned in pool, Anawana Lake Rd., July '14

    Hispanic male, 20 -30 yrs old, 160 lbs., 63" tall

    Straight black hair approx. 1" in length
    Brown eyes
    1/4" mustache and goatee

    At the scene of the pool the John Doe's clothing that were recovered was one camouflage Rothco pants size 30, one black Call of Duty Ghost t-shirt size medium, one white t-shirt size medium, and one gray and black NY Yankee baseball hat size 7 1/8.

    At the scene of the pool the John Doe's foot wear was recovered one pair of gray and lime green NIKE AirMax size 7.5.



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    There may be another thread on this guy here somewhere. I remember talking about him for a bit, but, it may have been on a different website.

    Anyway, there was a hotel/resort (Kutsher's Resort Before It's Razed) being ripped down around the corner from there when this guy was found.


    I remember looking into that a bit and the construction company was from NJ ( I think). There are some news articles about the demolition.

    That company was one theory about where he came from. He may have also worked for the camps. A couple people said they tried to contact the camps but didn't get a response.

    He picked the pool instead of the lakes. I always thought there was something to that. Like maybe he worked for the camp or perhaps the construction company was using part of the camp to house people? Maybe he was just an urban kind of guy and liked that option better. IDK.

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    Exclusions: https://identifyus.org/en/cases/13746

    The following people have been ruled out as being this decedent:

    First Name Last Name Year of Birth State LKA

    Eric Cohen 1980 New York
    Henry Gafforio 1961 New York
    Frank Giarrizzo 1955 New York
    Thomas Lamoree II 1985 New York
    Louis Reyes 1966 New York
    German Rosales Salinas 1980 New York
    Opinions expressed are strictly my own (who else would they belong to???)

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    Does LE think this was suicide, homicide, or accidental?

    Herber Robles Villeda
    Last seen Sept 2013 in Camden NJ
    19, height is 67", weight is 150"... close to the UID's weight, 4" difference in height though
    The hairlines look very similar also.

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    Permission error is popping up. I wonder who he was? I could not find anything information, but I will try again a little later.

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