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    Teen asks to help with groceries, and his life changes

    This is a couple months old, but I just ran across it and I don't think it's been posted. Absolutely incredible story... and make sure you go to the GFM and look at the updates.

    Teen asks to help man with groceries, and his life changes forever

    I just met the most inspiring person ever. His name is Chauncy Jones. He's a 16 year old from Memphis. He had taken the bus at 9:00 at night to get to the "rich people's Kroger" on Highland as he called it. He approached me while I was shopping for produce asking if he could help me carry my grocery bags to my car in exchange for buying him a pack of glazed donuts. This kid looked like he had been turned down 100 times. He looked ashamed, hungry and broken. In my heart I screamed a loud "yes!", but to him I just chuckled and said, "yeah dude, we'll get you some donuts"...


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    This boy must have a wonderful mother, he has such a great attitude! I Love people who despite their hard lives decide that they are going to have it better and are willing to work for it. I just bet he will grow up to own a business.

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    What a sweet story. I wish the young man nothing but the best.

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