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Only useful if you never heard of this case before. Most interesting I found was AJ saying DMs father was going to cut him off.
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He may have repeated something he heard from Shane. If you heard a kerfuffle like that and next thing you know the boss is dead I would think it would look mighty suspicious to everyone still standing.
I just rewatched the Fifth Estate episode on Tim Bosma (from December 2016) and that sound bite was included. AJ said "All I know, is what I was told, is that Dell's father was gonna cut him off because Dell was spending too much money and was not taking responsibility for the business and his father was not gonna let him ruin the business that him and his father, Dell's grandfather, had started."


I think you're spot on with Shane having told him. SS knows so much more; it's a shame DM and MB were able to buy his silence.