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    Students from 71 Australian schools targeted by sick pornography ring


    Exclusive: Students from 71 Australian schools targeted by sick pornography ring

    WARNING: Graphic content

    MORE than 70 Australian schools are targets for a perverse pornography ring of teen boys and young men secretly swapping and exchanging graphic sexual images of female students and other nonconsenting women.
    News.com.au can reveal more than 2000 images have been posted or traded by Australian members since the group began operating in December last year.
    Young men use the site to nominate the specific high school or region they are phishing for nude photos from, along with the full names of girls they are “hunting”. Hundreds of individual names have appeared on “wanted” lists, including the names of sisters and entire high school friendship circles.

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    Australian Federal Police to investigate porn sharing site

    STATE and federal police will investigate an online porn sharing site where men have shared hundreds of explicit images of young girls since December.

    Australian police had been made aware of the site but had previously said they were powerless to shut it down, due to the fact the site is hosted overseas.
    In a statement released this afternoon, the AFP said it was investigating the site, amid growing pressure to ban it.

    “It is important to note that creating, accessing or distributing child pornography is a serious offence, even if you are a child yourself,” the statement read.

    “Child pornography offences have a maximum penalty of 15 years’ imprisonment.”

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    I am so over this type of behaviour by boys and young men. I truly truly hope that the police can arrest, charge and imprison at least some of these people.

    We've had a lot of issues recently, particularly in elite private schools, of boys engaging in this type of behaviour....our LE and judges need to get their ***** together and start dealing out some harsh penalties. No more 'oh but they are good boys just being boys'....this is illegal and so very very damaging to our young girls.

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    There is no doubt that serial rapists start their careers by watching lots of hard porn.
    Porn is a plague in our society that goes unaddressed in my opinion. Porn nowadays
    is all about degrading others, especially women and children. Porn addicts also suffer,
    not to mention the ones appearing in porn movies. The only winners are the producers of this garbage,
    who make a fortune.

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    Sharna Bremner from End Rape on Campus says she felt “physically sick when [she] learned of the website and its contents”.
    “These boys and men are behaving like a pack of hyenas hunting their prey, and then sharing the spoils with the rest of the group,” she said.
    “They’re reducing girls to objects and trophies to be traded like nothing more than swap-cards in the playground”.
    Ms Bremner says that charges should be laid against those responsible and that the mentality of these men closely mirrors that of a rapist.
    “There are already plenty of consensual adult nude images online that are easily accessible. But these boys and men are not interested in that, because it’s not the nudity alone that they are after,” she said.
    “What they are getting off on is the very fact that these images are not consensual and that the victims have no idea they are being exploited.”


    BBM - I couldn't say it better. This is serious serious serious and it's taken way too long for our LE to act.

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    More schools have been added as targets of a porn sight, as victims express outrage

    VICTIMS and their parents have expressed outrage at the depraved pornography ring targeting school students and young women, as yet more disturbing material has been uncovered and more schools have been added to the list of over 70 targeted.

    Victims have pleaded to have their nude photos taken down, including one girl who states that she is just 14 in the image. The men have responded by calling the victims “sluts” and “dumb c**ts” and telling them they have no one but themselves to blame.

    News.com.au has spoken with a mother of a 13-year-old girl who was targeted on the site. The mother, who is from Melbourne says that she was “absolutely disgusted and terrified” when she realised that men were trawling for images specifically of her daughter.
    “I felt completely helpless because I didn’t know what to do. These are disgusting monsters who are colluding together to extract images from these girls.
    “My daughter is too young to understand the gravity of this. For now she is embarrassed, confused and feels intimidated.


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    Redcliffe porn site victim Tiahna Prosser: ‘It was like I had been sold’

    In a seedy internet forum where men trade explicit images of young girls they have either slept with or exchanged racy photos with, the 18-year-old competitive bodybuilder discovered “bonus points” were being offered to anyone who could share naked pictures of her.
    She felt reduced to nothing more than a commodity, by men she had never even met.
    “It was like I had been sold, it’s just horrible especially when they want it of you specifically — that’s when it’s really disturbing,” Ms Prosser said.
    “Half these people on the site I didn’t even know they existed and they are asking for (naked) pictures of me to look at.
    “It’s so violating to know what they are thinking and doing. It’s not something I want to think about on a daily basis.”

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