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    NY - Transgender woman bashed w/a hammer in vicious hate crime, Queens, 17 Aug 2016

    A transgender woman was bashed in the head with a hammer during a Queens attack that cops are investigating as a hate crime, police sources said Thursday.

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    "This is what you get for being gay" I would have expected more venomous language. jmo
    I understood every word you said. It was the order that you said them that has me confused.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bwt42 View Post
    "This is what you get for being gay" I would have expected more venomous language. jmo
    A bashing with a hammer while delivering the message isn't venomous enough? Delivery is everything.

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    Something strange here. This can't be random. What are the chances a transgendered woman and a hammer wielding homicidal homophobe are walking down the same street at 6am? And if above hammer wielding maniac chanced upon her, it says he approached her from behind. How did he know she was transgendered?

    I'm sorry to say this ( please no one bite my head off) but could this have been a hook up gone wrong? Or could this be a relative of transgendered victim that doesn't approve of lifestyle? It just too weird a time of day for random hate crime. Jmo.

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    Yes it can be random.

    Random attacks of all kinds can happen at 6:00 in the morning, especially if the attacker has been up drinking and/or drugging all night.

    Case in point: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/crim...ticle-1.946248

    Just because the attacker came at her from behind doesn't mean he never saw her from the side or front enough to decide she was trans* - not to mention he may have observed her in the neighborhood previously.

    If it was a relative she would have recognized him, yeah?

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